Beach Trip - Family version

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yesterday we went to the beach as a family. I couldn't help but compare our time to the beach trips I used to go on when I was younger... back when all you had to think about was yourself!

When I used to go to the beach, all I needed to take was my togs, towel, wetsuit, surfboard and something to eat (or money to buy something to eat). It didn't really matter what time of the day I went, or which beach I was going to... as long as there were waves!

When you have kids (4 for that matter), everything changes. The beach has to be shady, and safe for kids to swim in (which basically means no waves). You have to try to avoid the burn time (which is from around 10am-3pm), and be prepared with all manner of things... sunblock, towels for each child, shoes, togs, sand toys, snacks, hats, sunglasses, nappies, wipes, plastic bags for wet clothes, blankets to sit on, camera, more snacks... and the list could go on. The hard part comes when you need to coerce them into helping you carry it all down to the beach once you arrive!

The story doesn't end there either. Don't bother taking a book to the beach as you will spend every second you have watching your wonderful darlings. You need wide-angle lens vision too, as the moment you focus on one child, one of the others tends to get into mischief.

We did end up having a great day in the end... even though Mandrake stood on a bee at the beach and discovered that we had locked ourselves out of our house... good thing Mandrake is quite thin and can climb into small windows!

If you are single or childless... enjoy the beach! If you have children... my heart goes out to you! But seriously, enjoy each phase in your life as they do pass quite quickly.

Here are a few pics from our day...

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  1. I am hearing you! Love the pics of your day out. Adventure had by all. (Well nearly all.) The best pic is of your man in the window. FUNNY!

  2. loving it! specially symz's legs hahaha yup am definitely glad to be childless after that post k :)

  3. Too funny....especially that pic of Syms skinny legs coming out of the window!

  4. Am sooooo loving all your family stories Kristy! I hope you guys are relishing your holiday....mmm...relish....

  5. hehehe! So funny to see the photo of Mr PaisleyJade hanging out of the window, made my day!

    I know what you mean about beaches, but the saying "this too shall pass" comes to mind. My three are 12, 10 & 8 and no longer require constant supervision. Although I still keep my weary eye out at the beach.

  6. It is so true...but I look forward to the day I have some mini Kates running around! lol. Your family is beautiful and you are definately supermum! I look forward to seeing the pictures of you on your SURFBOARD in the near future!!

  7. What a beautiful beach.

    Dont know the last time my kids came to the beach with me (they 21 and 14) and I have no excuses to make sandcastles anymore...

  8. what a gorgeous beach! Is your daughter holding a jellyfish?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Yes, that is a jelly fish! There were heaps of them along one of the beaches (well, parts of them).

  11. Classic final pic! I thoroughly sympathize with the going to the beach drama/trauma/dilemma. It often puts me right off a 'nice day out' because by the time we're ready to get in the car, I'm tearing my hair out already! And that's just getting their shoes on and their hair brushed and bags packed!! I'm thinking of having a beach bag that just stays permanently packed and sitting waiting in the hall with clean cosies, towels, sunscreen, toys etc... but how big would that bag have to be??!


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