What a day!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today our little Miss 1 (who is nearly Miss 2) went off early in the morning to have grommets put in her ears at the hospital. I went along too, and after already experiencing Miss 4 being put to sleep the year before, I was all too aware of what to expect!

Ever since her 15 month injections, Miss 1 has a very strong dislike for anyone who looks at all 'medical'... if they approach, she screams and thrashes around... so I need not say more about how this morning went.

The hardest part for me is holding your little screaming girl down in theatre as they apply the gas mask and wait for her to fall asleep... each time tears have welled up in my eyes.

But yay for doctors and nurses, and the amazing things they do! I can't wait to see the changes that come from this operation... already she is amazed at the birds singing when we are outside. Makes me wonder what other beautiful sounds she has been missing out on!

Anyway... I did arrive home from hospital this morning feeling quite drained and emotional - and guess what I found in the mail??? The most amazing package from CurlyPops filled with beautiful paisley fabrics (my fav) and a very thoughtful card! Thank you so much CurlyPops... you definitely made my day!

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  1. What a perfect day for it to arrive to cheer you up!

  2. what a great end to a maybe not so great day! hope you & miss 1 are feeling much better after your ordeal... xox

  3. Those are sumptuous paisley prints Krsty!I'm sure you'll come up with pretty projects made from them.

    Hope your little miss is all and well. God bless doctors and the amazing things they do.

  4. Wow what beautiful fabrics and what a lovely surprise on a challenging day. Isn't God good.....and CurlyPops thoughtful! I hope your week gets better each day xx

  5. Wow what a timely and thoughtful gift-awesome!

  6. Good times for little cutie from now on!

  7. Life with kid's sure has it's hard times that's for sure! Sounds like you're a great mum though!!!


  8. That sounds pretty traumatic. I'm glad to hear it went well. Nice to get a package like that (those are some inspiring paisley fabrics) on a day like that - funny how that works out..


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