By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If you are into Christian Fiction (or non-fiction), checkout this new site Flannelgraph for great reviews on great books!

I am definately someone who would much rather read a book that I know is great, than read a book and halfway through wish I hadn't wasted my time!

I also have quite particular tastes when reading... I can't stand soppy romance novels, or extreme horror either, so am looking forward to choosing my books carefully after reading the reviews on Flannelgraph.

I have been priviledged to be added to the contributors list... so I had better get reading!

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  1. yay for flannelgraph! finally a good use for the name haha am loving this site. I think it's bringing out the geek book reader in me

  2. geek book readers rock!

  3. I'm really quite excited about this - I commented on your hubby's blog - we have a great public library who have a great selection of up-to-date Christian fiction, so I'm looking forward to going in with a recommended title rather than just guessing!

  4. Thanks for the link, Kristy! Hope you're having a gorgeous day.


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