My top 5 childhood TV programmes

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing up the the late 70's and 80's was fun. Here are a list of my top 5 childhood TV shows...


Playschool would have to be one of my earliest TV memories. For some reason I remember as a three year old coming home from playcentre, sitting at the table having my boiled egg with soldiers for lunch and a little cup of tea (in my little bunny teacup), while I watched Playschool. After that always came my day sleep, which I hated!

Who could forget Humpty, Jemima, Manu, Big Ted and Little Ted? And I just loved the theme song... the anticipation as to what we would see in the window today! In fact, click here to reminisce for yourself! Great memories!

Sesame Street

Sesame Street was such a cool show! My favourites would have to be Mr Snuffleupagus, Ernie & Bert, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. It was very handy learning all that Spanish too as a kiwi living in New Zealand ;)

But the absolute best part of Sesame Street would have to be the Pinball Number Song... click here to view.

The A Team

My brother loved the A Team... as so as a young sister who looked up to her brother, so did I! Back in the day when only rich people owned a video recorder, our lovely older neighbour used to kindly tape The A Team for us, as it was on after our bed time.

I remember the excitement each week as we would go over after school to watch that weeks episode... I also remember our older neighbour being totally caught up in it too as she watched along with us. As some of you would remember, I had a very big crush on Mr T. as a child (see here).

WWF wrestling

Shock horror I know... my Dad used to stay up late and watch WWF with my brother, and sometimes I was allowed to watch as well. I thought it was pretty cool... especially The Ultimate Warrior! Now looking back, I can't believe Dad let me stay up to watch it... and I can't get over The Ultimate Warriors perm either! I even collected and traded the bubble gum cards at school...


Yes, along with Mandrake, I too was a fan of MacGyver. Our neighbour used to tape this show for us too. I was always amazed at what MacGyver could do with so little... he would be very handy to have around at times. My brother owned a Swiss army knife which I used to love to play with... my favourite bit was the tooth pick for some reason.

It was so hard to cut the list down to five... I had to leave out Fraggle Rock, Chips, The Smurfs and the list could go on! What were some of your favourite TV shows as a child?

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  1. I loved play school too, although the UK characters were big ted, little ted, jemima, hambal and humpty. hambal the doll was stolen and held to ransom, the BBC refused to pay and she was never returned :o(
    It was all hushed up at the time, I know this little gem because one of my uni lectures was ex BBC and worked in the kids dept. when the scandal happened LOL.
    CHiPs & the A team was also a big fav in our house.

  2. Play school was excellent. I remember Roger Ramjet was on just before tea. There was also Bananaman, Mighty Mouse, He-man and Inspector Gadget. Wow I love flash backs, thanks!

  3. My favourites were definitely The Brady Bunch and Little House on a Prairie. I just wanted to be Laura!

  4. Loved Sesame Street. And Electric Company and Reading Rainbow. What are boiled eggs with soldiers?

  5. I am so jealous that you got to watch the A team. I wasnt allowed :( I loved C.H.I.P.S. and the Dukes of Hazzard. Brings back memories.

  6. I loved Electric Company too! Boiled eggs with soldiers are soft boiled eggs with toast but into little strips... they are sometimes called 'soldiers'.

  7. A Team, Airwolf, Chips, Happy Days, Batman & Robin, Blue Peter (UK) most of the ones lulabell mentioned. Ahhhh good times!

  8. Ohhh Macgyver is so scrummy! :D

    I used to watch play school, and sesame street was a favourite - we even had a record!

    I also LOVED the wombles and we had one of their records too, we used to sing along loudly...

  9. Yay, I remember Playschool (and PlayCentre); I also loved the Brady Bunch and the Wombles and later in the 80s Dukes of Hazzard, and Knight Rider (gotta love that car) xx


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