15 February 2009

Surfing in the 60's

My Dad will be turning 60 this year, and is still a very keen surfer.

A good friend of his from way back emailed some photos today of a surf trip they did around New Zealand back in the 60's. I love the photos, especially the stylish old cars and surfboards... not to mention seeing my dad without his giant moustache (he's the one on the left... on the turtle!).


  1. Sounds like you have a cool dad! :)

    My dad turned 60 last year, and me and my sisters got together and sent him 60 little presents to open. My mum & dad are doing humanitarian work in Pakistan and sometimes feel lonely and quite absent from our lives...

  2. Great photos and you got a cool dad!

  3. Does he get out very often anymore, go the choppa mo.

  4. Great photos!

    Nice blog too.

    best wishes

  5. Wow love the photos!

    I wonder where those turtles were... doubt they are still there (pity)

  6. Those are very cool photos. Would make a very cool framed montage!

  7. I'm sure your dad has a lot of stories to tell.

  8. Oh my goodness.. u have no idea how much I love those photos

  9. A dad who surfs! That's awesome!

    I wish we could have some of this summer heat you talk about over here.


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