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By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, February 03, 2009

These really cute (and free) softie wallpapers available here (go on boys... you know you'd love one on your computer desktop!)

My favourite Kopiko coffee drops that I have hidden in my bag at the moment. I do wish they would invent a less crinkly bag... the kids can tell when I am trying to sneak one while we are out and about in the car!

The "Plush You" softie book I found at the library. Some very inspiring (and very strange!) softies and free patterns in it. I also love the story inside from a guy softie maker... his most embarrassing softie moment was when the police pulled up and questioned him about what he was doing while he was sitting in a bus stop (waiting for the bus) and sewing a felt donut!

This yummy pink cord fabric I found on special today... hmmm, what to make?? A pair of slacks?? he he.

And the last thing doesn't have a picture... but I loved seeing hubby sitting on our couch last night, carefully cradling a wounded chicken... and then seeing it staring up into his eyes and crawling up to his head to snuggle up and nap. Sob sob. The reality of being 'hen pecked' (it's currently okay though)!

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  1. I couldn't resist a lovely bit of corduroy either!

  2. I have the plush you book... it's good! :)

    I like the desktop wallpaper too!

  3. THe pink cord ROCKS!

  4. I would download one of those softie wallpapers but my hamburger-filled-with-sweat-nails-guns-and-tanks wallpaper is protesting.

  5. I've had that softies wallpaper too! It's so cute!

  6. hahaha jon whats with you lately? you've been cracking the sickest jokes...

    great things k :) specially symz and the chicken haha wish you couldv got a pic

  7. Thanks Rach... I did get a pic of the chicken, but thought it a bit too gorey to post!

  8. oh really? send it to me on facebook hahaha

  9. i love them my mum is sew-funky i am miss sew-funky #3 cheers briahna


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