Happy Birthday Keke!

By PaisleyJade - Friday, February 13, 2009

Today our little baby turned two!

She is such a sweet little thing... very bright and chirpy, and also drives us mad at times - but she has those big blue eyes that just melt your heart.

From quite a young age she figured out how to open the latches on our gates, open the windows and also how to flip herself out of her cot. We definately need eyes in the back of our head with this one!

So this morning she woke up to find we had smuggled her into her own 'big bed'... you should have heard her excited little voice at 6:15am! We then did our traditional birthday thing as a family, went off to playcentre for the morning (her favourite place to go) and in the afternoon had a little party with family.

Miss 2 loves The Wiggles, especially Dorothy the Dinosaur, so I made a Dorothy the Dinosaur cake with yummy roses - as everyone knows Dorothy loves roses (and being valentines day tomorrow it was easy to find some for the cake!).

Happy Birthday little sweetie!

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  1. Great cake Kristy! How did you make those roses?

  2. I found the lolly roses for sale (for valentines day) and put the green leaf lollies around them.

  3. Love those little cupcakes. Hope you have a good party.

  4. Happy birthday to your little one!! Good work on the cupcakes, they look too cute!

  5. Happy birthday little one! She is sweet.

    Great cake!

  6. What fabulous cakes!!!
    Shes such a little cutie!

  7. I love the wee little cupcakes! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your special little girl! :D

  8. Happy Birthday Keilah! 2 already and now in her own big bed, what a great idea Mum for a little escape artist. I love those cup cakes and your cake, you are so talented!

  9. The cupcakes are gorgeous. I especially like the ones with the marshmellows. So happy!

  10. awww happy birthday little k... :)

  11. She is such a cutie and she looks so excited about tucking into that fabulous cake!


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