My perfect children

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, August 09, 2009

I have always taken great pride in my 3 oldest children... they are the type of children that never drew on walls, never cut their hair with scissors, never played in toilets (oh wait - my eldest did take his toy seal for a swim in one once) and other extreme things that "other people's" children did.

Ahem... and then along came number 4 - our little darling who just loves to prove that sometimes, good parenting has nothing to do with extreme behaviour (well, that's what I like to think anyway).

:: Guess who started climbing out of her cot at 1½ years old amd getting up to mischief in the night (even after we lowered it and tried all manner of things to make it impossible for her to get out).

:: Guess who decided to play 'cups of tea' with the toilet water not too long ago?

:: Drawing on walls - check... and I must also include drawing on the bean bag, herself, and drawing on the dog with this one.

:: And the latest discovery... scissors! Now we have scissors at Playcentre that she is welcome to use, but for some reason these have been ignored up until now. I'm fine with scissors on paper, but guess who decided that Barney the cat needed a trim yesterday? Yes, well!

No matter what, I love her to bits... and I am sure she is God's secret plan to grow more patience in me.

And who could get angry at someone who was recently found brushing the man on TV's teeth with her toothbrush, and yesterday commenting that the man on the roof next door (fixing the roof) was a 'cute man!' (maybe because he looked little?).

By the way, let me know if your pet needs a trim... she charges pretty cheap rates and does really unique cuts.

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  1. LOL! welcome to my world. I have it the other way around first child was a breeze and then I had three more who I've decided learn 'kinetically'. Our second born could teach Dennis the Menace a thing or two...

    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog, I always love reading yours too :)

  2. Hahaha. I'm with Widge. My two... apparently, are both out of whack with their birth order (if you go with that!). Crazy on life!

  3. hehehe! I have one like that too, and two that aren't but to be honest I love the fact that mine has such gusto for life. It's never boring with her around!

    I remember cutting my cat's whiskers off when I was little. The cat couldn't walk very well for a bit, apparently it affected his balance!

  4. my 3rd was the one. I found her on top of my refrigerator dancing in the nude when she was only 2 years old. There was no cabinet or anything next to the fridge. We never did figure out how she got up there. She's been lots of fun, though and now has her own dare devil!

  5. She sounds like a real character!

  6. Wonderful ! My son wanted to make a cake one day , flour , eggs , sugar, oops no bowl, no worries the floor will do !

  7. Ahhhh yes, I know the type well! You KNOW I get the whole "Scissors" thing... you've seen the photos of my girl!
    But, man, she is one smart cookie, loving, funny, energetic and as Ian Grant says, She'll be the one who'll fight for us to get the sunny room in the retirement home! x

  8. You've made me laugh. I'll have to send one of my fur children over to the little ladies hair salon for a trim.


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