By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We have a little place called "Arthur's Emporium" in our town. It's one of those places that sells pretty much anything and everything, and one of those places that you can easily get lost in for hours and hours (and lose your kids in too).

Miss 2 and I got lost in there the other day, admiring the colourful string, buttons, out-of-date food items, dog bones and fabric (I know what you're thinking... what a strange mix of things to find in one store). I even bought my first ever 'Reese's Peanut Butter Cup', which I hope wasn't too out-of-date! (I then thankfully discovered the up-to-date version in another store after that.)

Yay for Emporiums! Do you have one in your town?

I must pop in there more often.

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  1. We have a "Geoffs" Emporium in Balmoral. It's a great place to find cheap fabric and random bits, but I have to say YOURS looks way tidier/cleaner than Geoffs! Geoffs is a MESS. We love it but we think it's gross at the same time. :)

  2. I love Geoffs. It's a real treasure trove.... I think I've been to Arthurs- or possibly hubby has mentioned it!

  3. I wish we had an Arthurs. I imagine that's what heaven looks like!

  4. Arthurs is the best! That and Variety Discounters are so my favourite shopping stores!

  5. There's an Arthurs in Manukau. Love it, especially if you're looking for something hard to find. :)

    I love Reeces peanut butter cups! MMMMM!

  6. Looks like heaven!

  7. Sym would be in his happy place in there.

  8. Oh my, look at all those buttons....I'm coming for a visit and we'll go get lost in that store together! lol I wish we had a store like that here in Australia. Hugs Naomi


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