The crazy face...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is it just my kids, or do all children have a need... maybe we could call it an 'obsession', to pull crazy faces whenever the camera is out?

My camera makes a noise right before it takes a photo, and somehow Miss 2 has worked out that exact moment to quickly pull a strange face every time she hears the sound. The others aren't much better either... but then again, reflecting on a recent post, they do have rather strange parents (especially father's who wear pink pyjama pants!).

Because of this issue, it is near impossible to have a family photo (of all 6 of us) with everyone looking decent (as you can see here).

Ahhh, the joys of children and cameras.

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  1. hahahaha soooo know your pain! I have the exact same shot of my kids in the car except my oldest boy has his finger up his nose....

    Laughed loud at your miss 2's crazy face. awesome!

  2. ok call me a bit obsessive now but it even looks like we have the same car! Mitsubishi chariot by any chance?!?

  3. Yes Widge - yes.... you are starting to FREAK me out! Maybe you are my long lost twin!!! (but a brunette version)

  4. freaky!! ok I'll stop stalking now I promise :)

  5. I had a chariot until earlier this year...

    I don't miss it at all! Except for when we have extra kids over and are stuck to home or walking places...

  6. We have the same problem! I can usually count on the Princess to pose nicely but ALL THOSE BOYS are just clowns in training! However since the Haricutting/Fringe Debacle, even Princess looks a little crazy!!
    Just as well we both have cute kids anyway, eh kristy?? Crazy but CUTE!

  7. The inside of your van looks just like ours- 2 boys in back and two girls in the middle!

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!

  8. At least you get the final word/ultimate revenge! (photo board at 21st birthday party)...


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