Skipping shenanigans

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, August 01, 2009

The girls broke out the skipping ropes today, and the memories came flooding back.

Skipping was a major craze when I was at primary school (along with elastics and knuckle bones). We had the "Jump Rope for Heart" programme going at school, as well as the lunch time games... single rope and double dutch!!

My parents popped in for a visit this morning, and before I knew it my mum was teaching the kids the good old "do you like coffee, do you like tea...". Does anyone else remember that one? What were the words after that? My kids were singing, "do you like sitting on the toilet seat".

My Dad (who recently turned 60) decided that he needed to prove his manliness by having a go at skipping. As you can see in the photo above, there were a few disagreements about how high the rope was being held etc. and he told the kids that he didn't want to play anymore!

Just like I remember it being in the old days skipping at school...

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  1. Jumping rope was my passion when I was a kid! Cinderella dressed in Yellow Went upstairs to kiss his fella. How many kisses did he get? a,2, 3......

  2. I remember jump rope for heart - but my fondest memories would be playing elastics in the hall way, using 2 chairs to keep the elastic up... surely its time it made a come back?

    Ice cream soda, is delicious, when you eat it, on a Sunday...

    Jingle Jangle Centre Spangle Jingle Jangle out...

  3. I loved double dutch. Man I thought I was amazing.
    Knuckle bones, elastics (see lala's comment - hehe. good times!)....
    I love that Olivia loves skipping too. Too many kids don't know how to - same with the hulahoop. Good times!

  4. Looks like fun!

    Love your flooring!!!!!!


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