Poor little softies

By PaisleyJade - Monday, August 17, 2009

Last night I got the softie making bug... I drew a design and set to work. I had some left over fabric that used to be my grandfathers slacks (see here for more on that saga), and as sometimes happens, the little softie turned out nothing like I had planned. He looked terrible (hubby even laughed at it).

What happens to my softie flops you ask? Well, they go to my kids - not because they are flops, but because I know they will love them no matter how they look (well, I must be truthful and say that it is also because I wouldn't want anyone else to own one of my flops).

Back to the drawing board with that design!

Also, you may remember the story about my drug smuggling monkey (see here for story). Well, a month or so ago I sold one of my softies (from here) to a lady who later told me that the package had been opened and searched for drugs when she received it... but thankfully it didn't have a missing eye.

To have a happy ending, you'll be glad to know that I managed to replace my monkey's eye - so he won't need a patch (although I think he secretly always dreamed of being a pirate). Thanks again to my amazing friend Anya from Banban designs for giving me this cute little guy. I love him!!!!

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  1. ha even your flops look great K :)

  2. why was he a flop? Looks cute!

  3. Note I didn't show him fully - he just looked plain weird and nothing like the initial plan! I must say though, Miss 5 has slept with him every night for the last 3 nights... maybe he wasn't such a flop!

  4. Yeah he still looks good for a flop!

    Great you got the eye sorted. Did you glue it in?

  5. banban - I managed to pop the broken bit out of the clip part inside it's head and then insert a new eye into the clip part... I was so happy!!


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