PaisleyJade and the quilt of doom

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I must confess... for most of my life I have hated quilts... especially those really ugly, granny looking ones. But then in the last year or so there has seemed to be a comeback in society to 'all things crafty' and some quite impressive 'trendy' quilts have emerged.

Well, my first attempt at making a quilt (two at once to be precise) seemed to be doomed from the start. Maybe my expectations were too high... is it normal to want to do 'free motion' quilting when it's your first try ever at even making a quilt? And just to hack me off, my sewing machine knob for lowering the 'feed dogs' didn't work. This led to hubby taking my machine apart without my knowledge and then sheepishly having to search the Internet for instructions on how to put all the teeny tiny bits back together again. Boy, was he lucky!!

Amongst other dramas like running out of material, choosing filler that was way too thick for a first-timer, children stealing pins out of my material (that is holding everything together), every seam that could possible pucker puckering and not to mention hubby and Barney the cat having a nap underneath my project... I have finally finished my two quilts!

Boy am I glad that you all can't examine them up close and see all the shocking mistakes and patch ups!

In the end, the girls are thrilled (as you can see in the photo's below) and I have a new respect for anyone who has ever sewn a quilt in their life... even the really ugly quilts.

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  1. Well done, they look perfect to me.

  2. I'm peeing myself laughing because I used to think the exact same thing about quilts, but now I love them.
    I have huge respect for all of those quilts that are hand sewn for hours and hours on end!
    PS I think yours are gorgeous

  3. Well done Kristy! Your pink quilt is just gorgeous!!

  4. This could be me talking. I am working on my first quilt. I was going to teach myself, but that resulted in me just staring at the fabric for months. So I'm taking a class. And, yes, I also wanted to do free motion quilting on the first try. Your quilts look good to me!

  5. I think your quilts are fantastic! And I think it's amazing you finished them with everything that happened in the process!!! :)

    well done!

  6. im impressed! (even if they are pink)

  7. oooh i like it, despite the dramas it/they have turned out beautifully

    what is free motion quilting?

    Ditto on the daggy old fashioned quilts.

  8. I'm in awe of anyone who has put binding on a quilt - well done for finishing two!

  9. Good work Kristy! I love quilts - ugly and pretty :) I haven't attempted one ...but we have a quilting granny, so I just choose the fabric and away she goes :) hahaha.
    Love the pic of hubby and cat. One of those "Why?" moments.

  10. What gorgeous fabric you used. I can see why your girls love it.

  11. Love them. Love the fabrics and colours. You've done a great job. Are you gonna make any more?? :)


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