Flashback Friday

By PaisleyJade - Friday, March 06, 2009

Don't you just love my stripey top and skivvy!

It's quite funny to think back to some of my favourite clothing items when I was young... like my two pairs of knitted legwarmers (one pair was grey and the other was pink). I was so proud of them that I think I even wore them in the summer.

I also fondly remember my grey, stirruped pair of cords... very trendy for a while, and then they became very uncool suddenly. And who could forget my rollerskates!

What clothing items do you remember well from your childhood?

Update: Thanks to everyone for your love and concern for Miss 4. She is doing well, currently living on banana and yoghurt milkshakes, and dribbling less and less each day (much to my joy). So thankful to God that she didn't have more serious injuries!

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  1. Go the stubbies and retro t-shirts, and the cordroy pants and grandma knitted sweaters for winter (and unfortunately chuck taylors)

  2. so cute! i miss skip-its, slapbands, atari, sega and my ninja turtle gumboots *sigh*

  3. I missed commenting on this one.....
    You look so cute, and you look like you! Funny that.
    I can see where your girls get their cuteness!


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