80 and loving softies!

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, March 08, 2009

Today is my Nana's birthday, and a very special one at that... she turns 80 years old!

The last couple of years have seen Nana in resthome care. She has gone from being a highly active lady who loved sewing, cooking, socializing and reading, to someone who only wants to sit and stare (and suck lollies!). Last year she chose one of my softies to keep, and loves to stare at it sitting on her dresser.

Nana has very few wants... the things she loves are flowers, lollies and believe it or not she asked me for another softie!

So today she had a little party in her room at the resthome and we celebrated with spongecake. She received tonnes of lollies, flowers and another softie to sit next to her favourite one.

The saying is true... it's the simple things in life that you treasure.

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  1. How neat... :) I think it's true that it is the simple things that give us true pleasure. Hearing Mama for the first time, the toothless grin my daughter currently has, seeing my eldest daughter show love towards her sisters.

  2. I also love the little fifi softie I bought off you last year! It has pride of place in my craft room... :)

  3. That's lovely....and I'm so glad that she is allowed to eat as many lollies as she wants!


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