Softies books

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look at what I have coerced my local library into purchasing for me (and others)!!! "Softies" and "More Softies". Checkout the website here.

I can't wait to sit down and enjoy reading them... Narnia can't either!

Have you read (or do you own) any of these??

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  1. What a cute book! It's not available here sadly!

  2. Did you recognise my monkeys out of 'Softies'? Thats where I got the pattern, I've got 'More Softies' on order. Do you like it?

  3. I have the first one but not the second. I think I've only made one softie out of it so far, but I tend to just buy books that are pretty and never actually use them!

  4. I am definitely going to have to check those out!! :)

  5. I'm just like Curlypops in that I buy pretty books and don't really use them! I have quite a few softie books on my shelf.

    However, I have made some of the patterns in the first book. They are great for kids to make - I found!

  6. Had the first one but as I had not used it I recently sent it on its way to Restash a Crafter. Hopefully someone else can put it to good use, or failing that just enjoy the pics!!


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