By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Everywhere I go lately I seem to bump into people who are going through dark moments in their lives. Life is sometimes very hard.

Often questions like "Where is God?" or "How could God allow this to happen?" are mentioned... I've even asked these questions myself at times.


I am loving "Jesus Culture" at the moment, especially this song "Your Love Never Fails".

Listen to the words... I pray you may find hope in the darkness.

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  2. Yet if He prevented every bad thing from happening, squashed every form of evil before it eventuated into anything harmful, and constantly revealed Himself to us, we would inevitably get complacent. Why? Because nothing would ever be a challenge, and our faith would be about as appealing as grating chalk with a cheese grater, and about as pointless.

    Love is about sacrifice, and God stepping in and stopping all those evil things actually contradicts what love entails.

    Humans are an illogical bunch. We want everything fixated and logical (ironic?), but when it is like that we get apathetic and bored.

    Anyway, great post! Haha it makes me want to write a paper on it.

  3. Hope - love that word! One of the reasons we have a daughter named Hope is because of the hope we have in Jesus!

    Lately, life has been hard for me, but I am beginning to realise that God is trying to remind me to rely on Him and not on myself! Personally, I need God to exist - I just can't do life on my own!!!

  4. I sometimes wonder if God is bored with us. You know, we wander around making the same mistakes over and over... We are constantly trying to govern our own lives instead of giving it all to Him.

    I like what Jon wrote...

  5. I love the book "The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young - Rory gave it to me for my birthday and we read it just before his dad passed away suddenly in December. It was amazing timing; The book somehow gets around the familiarity that can take away from how incredible God is, and somehow you re-discover the truth about Him all over again.
    Have you read it? The setting for the book may seema bit off-putting, but it's well worth a read; it really deals with these very tough questions in a totally amazing way. xx

  6. Im loving Jesus Culture at the moment too. I impulsively bought BOTH their CD/DVDs. I feel my spirit uplifted listening to it.


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