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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, December 29, 2011

As the year comes to a close, I love looking back at the things that have gone on.  I am often amazed at how much has actually happened, even though it has felt as though the year has whizzed by.

This next year brings quite a few changes for us as a family.  Firstly, our baby is off to school and our oldest is entering High School.  Along with that, I am starting a new job (whoop whoop) and also, Symon and I are going to be inducted as the Senior Pastors of our church (woah!!) after having been Youth Pastors there for over 14 years!!  Yes, big changes indeed, but we are excited (in that scared/excited kind of way) and totally know God's peace through it all.

God is so good!!

With 2012 knocking at the door, here is my annual year in review post for 2011 (more for my sake than yours)...

The year started off with some moustache craziness in the form of moustache cupcakes, and me learning the art of thankfulness.  I discovered Peanut Butter Crinkles (mmmm!!) and shared my favourite pancake and and Ginger slice recipes!!  Makings included bunnys and felt donuts, coffee cup sleeves and crochet coasters (much to my husbands horror).  Our bathroom got a zhuzh up, I met up with some of my favourite blogging buddies, and as always, God took my breath away.

Our family went on the coolest bush adventure, my Dad totally rocked at surfing, I went on a journey of learning to really love, our baby turned 4 and we celebrated with a Rainbow Cake (my first ever!). This was  the month that our amazing Whangarei Bloggers first met each other.  I love these girls! Sadly, this was also the month that our city of Christchurch suffered a horrible earthquake.  Makings included the most delicious Milk Tablet, Granny Bunting, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Neopolitan Cake and my hubby made the most amazing Watermelon shark

I made my love his very own string of heart bunting, realised it was 11 years since my precious brother left us, and then discovered the perfect cure for Man-sickness!!  Other makings included Lolly Slice, Scones, Chocolate Zucchini Cake, a crochet headband and truck load of softies all for a very good cause.

Symon and I celebrated 15 years of marriage, and went away for a romantic holidayBoo got the cone of shame, and also made me laugh with her funniest photos ever!  Symon and I enjoyed (actually, Symon endured) the Royal Wedding.  Makings included a Crochet Hot Cross Bun, granny squares, Spiced Carrot Muffins, and Feijoa Muffins.

I finished my baby granny stripe blanket, celebrated an awesome Mother's Day, followed by my beautiful big girl's birthday, which included making (and eating) this delicious Marbled Rainbow Cake!!  Other makings included Ginger Coconut Slice, this cute Fluffy Cloud Mobile, Chocolate Maple Crunch and Crochet Wrist Warmers.  I also shared my favourite tips on How to Crochet, and was super proud of my boy for his fundraising efforts.

I made some cute Mug Cozies, and celebrated another birthday with another marbled rainbow cake! I discovered the recipe for Mini Oreo Cheesecakes, made Symon his very own Yeti Softie for his birthday, and our family had our very own Mad Hatters Tea Party!  Other makings included Crochet Slippers, Chocolate, Walnut & Oat Slice and Apply Cozies.

My darling guy made me a 3 course meal, my blogging buddies got together to meet the lovely Anya. I made Donut Muffins (oh my!) and shared my Mum's best ever Carrot Muffin recipe!!  Symon grew a beard (hehe), and I made the most delicous Chocolate & Cheesecake Muffins!!  I finished the Granny Square Poncho!!  Other makings included cute fluffy softies, and a beanie just for me.

I started making progress with the Mario Mushroom blanket, and hung out with my totally normal family.  I made my first ever Sock Monkey with my blogging buddies, and a crochet Kerchief.  A major highlight of this month was getting to meet up with Kiwi Bloggers from all over New Zealand.  Such a fabulous time!!  Makings included a tonne of softies as well as Biscotti, Bar Biscuits, Bacon & Egg Pie and Caramel Oat Slice!

My baby overcame a big fear, Symon was surprised with a Sasquatch softie, and I reminded you all that we are all pretty normal.  I made my favourite Mustard Crochet Coasters, and had a moustache crazy time with my blogging buddies.  I also realised that the Mushroom blanket was a rather massive project!  Makings included Marshmallow Plums, Springtime Beanie, Tan Squares, Honey Ricebubble Slice

I shared some of my recent thoughts about Motherhood, shared one of my most favourite and simplest cake/cupcake recipes,  I finally finished the Mario Mushroom Blanket, just in time for my son's birthday!  He had a fabulous birthday, included a giant green layer cake.  We won the World Cup Rugby!!!  I was totally spoiled with moustache goodies, and had a fun time at my cousin's 30th birthday!  Makings included a moustache mobile cover, Odd-Fellow Roll, my Dental Clinic beanie, a crochet cupcake, and Indian Cheesecake!!!

I attempted (and devoured) the Cake of Three Milks, and shared some of my favourite Christmas yummies. We also tried to get into the Christmas mood by making Christmas Bunting, Christmas biscuits, and some more Christmas bunting (and a cute Robot Softie).  Oh, and there was some Eggnog amigurumi going on as well!  We also went through a really scary few days, where we nearly lost Symon's Dad.  Thankfully he pulled through, and we were able to celebrate a beautiful Christmas together.

What a year - loving my family and friends, and thanks to everyone who follows along on this journey with me.  Thanks for all of your lovely comments - I love hearing from you!

See you in 2012!

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  1. what a crazy year!
    hopefully you will still have time for blogging next year!

  2. all the best for the coming year congratulations on becoming Senior Pastors soon
    have a blessed 2012

  3. What an AWESOME year and such a great way to look back on it :-) Lovely post!

  4. What a lovely review of your year. All the very best with your new Church role and changes for next year. I've enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to more next year. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Cx

  5. Beautiful - your family is gorgeous and always looks so happy! xx

  6. Happy New have some fantastic things coming up for you. I am sure you will do super in all of them . Look forward to reading along with your journey.

  7. GREAT year in review!
    I LOVE blogging for this very reason (amongst many others) . . . our lives and photos and thus memories are recorded !! !!
    LOVE the granny bunting - you are my crochet inspiration!
    LOVE the rainbow cake - turned out SO much better than mine
    LOVED KMB'ers meet up

  8. awesome wrap up Kristy.
    So happy for all the exciting things 2012 has in store for you.
    So glad in 2011 you became a real life friend!

    Miss ya

  9. Wow you have had a busy year, and the best is still to come. xx

  10. Wow! What a year! This post must have taken you ages to compile, but so wonderful to reflect and look back on. All the very, very best to you and your wonderful family for a very happy 2012! x

  11. oh my goodness, I absolutely loved your post! your family is beautiful, your projects are the cutest, and I adore all the bright, pretty pictures!

    thanks for linking up! I will be following your blog!

  12. absolutely wonderful! my post was patched together from my favorite pictures of 2011 - girl, I thought I packed a lot into one year, but you really take the cake (yummy looking cakes too) :)

  13. Wow you've packed a lot into this year! So many tasty treats and marvelous creations! It sounds like God has great things in store for your 2012, awesome!

  14. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I can't believe how much you've squeezed in this year, AND done ministry (and done it well, it seems!!) AND are becoming Senior Pastors!
    You should have written the book "Can I have and do it all Please", hehe (a good read, I thoroughly recommend it!)
    Loved meeting your blog this year and looking forward to sharing a smidgen of your journey in the next one! xx

  15. Love this post!! What a year huh but definitely looking forward to next year. Love you loads-such an inspiration xo

  16. Oh what a great post to become better acquainted with you!! thanks for stopping by.

    rachel xo

  17. Phew... I'm tired just scrolling through the recap!

    Happy New Year!

  18. What a lovely colorful year!


Thanks for your comments... I love hearing from you!!!