Christmas 2011

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a Christmas!  We were totally blessed in so many ways...

We started off our Christmas Eve with our traditional "Jesus Birthday Cake".  Let's just say that this year's one was way more edible than last years disaster...

On Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we spent time with our precious family.  We were especially blessed to share our Christmas with Dad Drake who we nearly lost (well, actually did for a moment there) just last week.

There was crazy shenanigans in the back yard...

Beautiful cousins having photos together...

The annual Christmas family skype photo (last year's here)...

 And many more family photos...

For some reason this year felt extra special... the sense of togetherness was so much more appreciated.

I am feeling so full (and not just tummy wise).

Family is so precious, people are so special... and I love that fact that God Himself became a person to bring hope and love to this hurting world.  You are so loved and precious.

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

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  1. Happy Christmas PJ. I thought you might like to check out my friend Roz's blog. She is a quilter but has also done some beautiful crochet just recently. She's new to blogger started last year.

  2. And happy celebrations to you too. It looks like an awesome day.

  3. love the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pleased you all had a great time :)

  4. Such great photos! Love family x

  5. ♥ looks fab! ♥

  6. lovely lovely lovely

    and so greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! lol

    Love and Light

  7. Happy Christmas Kirsty! Our's was full and peaceful too - so blessed. I love your cake tradition! I think we may just have to copy you next year! Blessings xx Rach

  8. Looks like a very special and precious family celebration Kristy!!

  9. Merry Christmas my friend, lovely to see the family together enjoying this special time :) yummy looking cake too. xx

  10. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Such a good roundup PJ. I loved catching up on the posts I missed. How amazing that you're going to be senior pastors in your church - you are going to be A for Awesome (or is that O for Ohrsome??)



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