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By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh yeah!  The Christmas baking has commenced, and I suddenly feel very festive as well as 5 pounds heavier.

So far we have made Peppermint Bark, Christmas biscuits (recipe coming tomorrow) and I've also whipped  up a few crochet stars for coasters (but I decided not to give them to Symon for Christmas as I know he's rather enjoy them right now *cough cough*).

That reminds me, I must make sure I get his special mug out to go with his Christmas coasters.  He is soooooo going to think I'm the bestest wife ever!

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  1. We are making bark today too, this looks delicious!! Loving the coasters!!

  2. I am yet to make your peppermint bark - for fear I will not stop!!! It just looks delish!
    LOVE the coasters - very festive!!

  3. Yum, yum and extra yum. Will have to check in tomorrow for that recipe

  4. ahhh
    it is beginning to look alot like Christmas...even if you are mowing your yard!!! LOL

    Love and Light

  5. It all looks delicious!! Christmas baking, I believe (plus chocolates etc) belongs in a different category...I'm sure we have a special stomach for that :) Thanks for the link to the joyful blog...it's a great one too!

  6. I can't get this delicious recipe out of my head! I am off to the dairy now to buy some chocolate so I can give it a go!! Thanks for sharing the recipe hon.

  7. of course you are the bestest wife ever!
    actually all husbands of crafters have the best wives don't they?
    omg the peppermint bark looks simply scrumptious

  8. I made peppermint bark over the weekend, and am making another batch today. I gave all of the first batch away, but I'm definitely keeping some for myself this time. It's SO delicious, and so easy to make. The perfect gift :)


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