Sweet Christmas...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, December 04, 2011

Being a grown up means that sometimes we can overlook the beauty and fun in life... even at Christmas time.  I learn so much through my kids and am so thankful for seeing life through their eyes.  

It pains me to say that getting the Christmas decorations out this weekend almost felt like a bit of a chore... but as I watched the excited face of my youngest girl, and heard the squeals of delight and listened to the little made up tunes about Christmas being sung with her sweet soft voice as we put the Christmas tree up and started to decorate it, I felt ashamed.  Ashamed that I, once again, had been caught up in the stress and drag of this time of year, totally forgetting about the essence of Christmas (yes, we have a fake tree... and I love it!!).

Peace, Love, Joy.

Unlike last year, I decided to let the girls help me decorate the Christmas tree.  We listened to Christmas music (this album - which we loooooove!!!), and we talked about what Christmas means to us (which also included correcting the fact that no, Adams and Eve were not Jesus' parents).

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and thanks to seeing it through the eyes of my beautiful little ones, I am feeling excited indeed!

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  1. Nice to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas sometimes! Love the pics.

  2. What happened to decorating when the kids were asleep? LOL! Looks like you had way more fun this way anyway. Beautiful pics xx

  3. was having a similar talk with my husband last night as we sighed at the fact Christmas was looming so close...
    bad huh.
    I've had that David Crowder band Christmas album playing since we got up this morning and I'm gearing myself up for getting the christmas tree out of the garage (I really don't like that part though, always scared it's full of spiders!) haha

  4. This is a beautiful post and so true. I've been pondering that especially today...bringing it all back to the peace and joy of the real Christmas celebration. Thanks for the recommendation of the Christmas album. I'm downloading it from itunes as I write! And I love the Hillsong one, too. I spotted it on Simoney's wall this morning and have been playing it today! xx

  5. lovely post kristy! We have a tiny felt tree here which is so sad... it barely raises a cheer in me! However it was enough for the kids to start their usual Christmas joy. I think if we as adults can look back and remember what God did for us at Christmas giving us the ultimate gift, we can see past what this time has become in modern day to the realisation that this was the beginning of our salvation ~ and without it there simply wouldnt be the hope, the joy of the peace... love my Jesus!

  6. Ellymay3:22 pm

    Just remembered the words of this song PJ.
    Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart, Somewhere deep in side you is where Christmas really starts, so give your heart to Jesus and discover when you do, That's it's Christmas really Christmas for you.

    Bestest news ever x x

  7. I can't get away from decorating with the kids! They are gagging to do it every year and I have to laugh because it very often looks 'smothered' and I have to edit afterwards when they've gone off to play! This year wasn't too bad - I just gave them the decorations and they did it all in about 10 minutes and didn't look too bad! I am loving Ann Voskamp's posts about Christmas and Simoney's too - thinking about the real meaning of Christmas and how when we feel weighed down by it all, it means we've taken something of the world on instead of something of Christ who came to LIFT our burdens... Ann Voskamp's words! I've been thinking of all the 'distractions' that i need to eliminate from Christmas this year... hmmm sorry, didn't mean to write a blog post in your comments section!

  8. thanks for this post Kristy I am struggling with Christmas this year. I need to focus only on 'the reason for the season' and let the other stuff go...

  9. Oh I love how the kids can bring in that "christmassy" feeling... and make us focus less on all the stressy hustle and bustle that usually goes hand in hand with this festive season!! Great post (as always) and YAY I can finally comment/post again! xx

  10. I have to admit to the same, the thought of doing the decorating was a real chore, but the decision was taken out of my hands and the next thing the tree was up and decorated and it wasn't as much of a chore as I thought in the first place! Amazing what enthusiasm kids can bring to things!

  11. Beautiful Kristy!
    PS I love your "Bokeh" photos! xx

  12. Such a beautiful post Kristy! Our children. (and grandchildren!) often remind us how wonderful the simple things are in life! Thank goodness for that or we'd rush through so many blessings the Lord has for us.


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