Things I'm Loving...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 28, 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Is it that time of the week already!?!  Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

I'm loving Kiwi Cakes and their new premises (Grant Street, Kamo, Whangarei)!!  The amazing Sandra invited me up to visit her new shop this week.  She also had a wee surprise for me... some amazing moustache cookie cutters and straws!!  I looooove them and can't wait to make some moustache biscuits!!  I also gave her my latest amigurimi cupcake as a little 'shop warming' gift.

Seriously, if you live in Northland (NZ), you must check this place out.  It is like my dream shop, filled with every type of cake tin, cupcake patties, birthday party supplies, cook books, icing colours galore and every cake/cupcake decoration supply you could ever need.  She also host an array of cake/biscuit decorating classes (more details here).  You can even order online if you live in another city or country! Thank you  so much Sandra!!

Loving how cute my girl looks in her 'geeky glasses'...

Speaking of nerds, loving the fact that while every other 'normal' kiwi kid would be playing sport on a Saturday morning, my boys were out with their Poppa and their local rock collecting club, scouring the hillside and beaches for precious stones and rocks.  A wee bit nerdy but also very cool!

Loving delicious cupcakes (from Kiwi Cake's opening night)...

Loving (and slightly not loving) what hubby has secretly done to my passport photos...

Loving the fact that Summer is on it's way (yeah, can you spot my payback below)...

Link Love: Loving this link for how to sew your own Chewbacca! Loving this funny Christmas ornament, and this cracks me up!

Here's how you can join in....
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  1. We both blog loved about cupcakes shops and cupcakes - how cool is that -
    LOVE what Symon did to your passport photo - too funny - and love that you obviously have a lot of fun together (me and Mr B still joke laugh and have fun together - it's great)
    LOVE the geeky glasses :) she's too cute for words
    And I LOVE that you put the coolness into nerd ::))

  2. Anonymous7:47 am

    Oooh the mustache stuff is SO cool!!!

  3. Oh your wee girl in her geeky glasses is a CRACK UP!!! LOVE her nerdy teeth pose with the glasses - just brilliant!
    A very cool list of Loving! X

  4. ooh Ill have to check out that shop.

  5. Oooh, that shop sounds wonderful!! Love the moustache antics!

  6. haha love the geeky glasses - I don't think anyone else could make them look so cute!

  7. I love that your whole whole family are try-hard wannabe nerds! As if you could ever truly be nerds. you are way too cool, Mrs craft nerd and co!!

  8. Love the geeky glasses :) And that shop looks cool, another added bonus to moving up north.. yay! yumbo cupcakes.
    You and your husband obviously share a healthy sense of humour too... love :)

  9. It was lovely to have oyu, I hope you come back and see me again soon. Can't wait to see what you do with your cookie cutters

  10. Anonymous1:13 pm

    i had to giggle when i saw your passport photo, very funny!

  11. That shop looks like my kinda place! I don't live in Northland BUT I could go for a drive or I am pretty nifty with a credit card and a computer screen :D Great list :)

  12. Hehe you're such a crack up! I love Sandra too!!

  13. Gorgeous list PJ!!

  14. There is so MUCH to love here!!!! Love it all!!

  15. Haha, LOVE the mustaches!

  16. I laughed out loud at the passport pics! Do you have a stamp? They look so perfect and matching. Can't wait to get up to Whangarei in December and check out Kiwi Cakes. I have followed her online for a long time. HAVE to get me some of those moustache biscuit cutters. Also need a really good piping bag and tubes etc so will save my pennies for a visit to the shop! Thanks for a fun post.

  17. Loving your loving list :))
    Have a great weekend!

  18. ummmmmmmm -- that box of cuppies looks divine! Is that chocolate under the rose-colored frosting? What a glorious shop!

  19. That looks like my kind of shop.

    And they look like my kind of cupcakes too!

  20. You and your mustaches!


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