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By PaisleyJade - Monday, October 24, 2011

What a weekend!

Unless you've been living in a monastery for the last couple of months, you would know that last night our little country of New Zealand became the Rugby World Cup Champions once again!!

What a game... I think most New Zealanders would have let out a collective sigh of relief when the final whistle blew!  New Zealand 8 - France 7.

So our long weekend was spent in anticipation of last night's game... we had a wee All Blacks party which consisted of black themed nibbles, downed with a hearty glass of black milk (which looked slightly blue). 

We also spent time with family and today we ventured out to a fabulous free fun day put on by Fonterra for their 10th birthday.  It was a pity we missed out on the free sausages, yoghurt's, iceblocks and other goodies... it seemed like most of Whangarei also decided they'd like to check out the fun day as well!

Such a great weekend - proud to be a Kiwi!!! 

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  1. Yes indeedy-o
    Super duper proud.
    Love that pic of you rugby nuts - and the black-themed food!

  2. i think i've been living in a monastery :)

  3. A massive sigh, I had to leave to the kitchen, I just couldn't watch those last few minutes!

  4. sheesh, you guys look ab fab for 11pm!! i was watching through half an eye by that stage (partly because i was so sleepy and partly because i couldn't bear to look!lol~)

    weehoo ABs :)


  5. It was a cracker of a game that's for sure! There was almost a tear or two here.... Loving the sound of your weekend!

  6. I am also a kiwi but living in Australia so yes I did watch the awesome allblacks win! Cool party idea!

  7. What an awesome pic of you guys!!

  8. Love the All Black/Blue food!
    c/- Fonterra Day Out looks fun also! X

  9. Great pics. Cool weekend wasn't it !!!! xx

  10. FAB weekend :)
    love how u celebrated afterwards

  11. Love the celebrating y'all got going on!! And congratulations on the victory!!

  12. That game was a nail-biter! But woop the Ab's won!
    Love the All Black snacks!
    We went to the Fonterra thing in Palmy - scored a sausage and a Fruju - woop!


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