Birthday Celebrations

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tonnes of fun was had yesterday, as we celebrated our boys 10th birthday.

Our day started off with our birthday tradition... all the kids (and Boo) squeezed into/onto Mum & Dad's bed.  We each shared something special we loved about the him, then we prayed for him and then it was present opening time!

Just so you all know, he loves the blanket.  He even said it was his favourite birthday present of them all!  I must say that at that precise moment, my heart swelled with motherly pride in having a crochet appreciative son.  Sigh.

He invited a few of his nearest and dearest friends (and family) around for an afternoon of feasting and fun.

We celebrated with a giant layered green birthday cake I made for afternoon tea (just like the rainbow cake but each layer a different shade of green) along with other party nibbles.  

There was also an array of fun games for the boys to take part in, organised by my amazing husband (aka the "Youth Pastor Extraordinaire")... lovely things like Snot Put (shooting jellybeans from the nose), an egg and spoon obstacle course, dizzy broom spin, paper dart competitions, blowing up balloons with your nostril and other disgusting fun-filled activities that only tween-ager boys would love.

The main disgusting thing about the game time was that Boo kept eating all the snot covered jelly beans from the Snot Put game!  Ewwwww.

Anyway, it was an awesome afternoon, and our boy was totally blessed, because isn't that what birthdays are all about?  Celebrating the blessing of a precious life.

Life is a gift - totally worth celebrating at every chance you get.

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  1. haha, love the snotput!! I'm glad your wonderful gift was well appreciated - it's amazing! Fun celebrations - love the idea of how you start the day together :)

  2. That is so cool. I look forward to these ages (kind of - snot put??!!) with our boys. And I'm totally stealing your birthday tradition start to the day - awesome!

  3. Asher really enjoyed himself! Thanks so much to Mykah for inviting him it meant a lot to us. xx

  4. Looks like an awesome celebration!!!

  5. Lots of thought, effort and love there, I bet the cake was gobbled up quick too, looks great, happy birthday to your cherished son :)Sam

  6. oh Boo!!!
    love her face when you caught her in the act!!
    you are an awesome mamma, the blanket is amazing!

    happy b-day to your lovely 10 year old PJ

    love and light

  7. Happy Birthday to a precious boy xxx with such wonderful parents - I love your birthday traditions, so beautiful xxx

  8. Oh that sounds like the perfect 10 year old boy's part (we've been to a few in our time!!) Just love that our eldest children are all the same ages, love Posie

  9. Anonymous9:38 pm

    What a beautiful family you have. Your parenting is just awesome. Love the picture of your dog. She looks stoked. We have a staffy cross and im sure we catch him smiling now and then. Happy birthday to your boy.

  10. snot put *snigger*
    Glad he loves that gorgeous blanket! what a great mummy you are.
    Looks like a fun party.

  11. That blanket is just fabulous! It turned out perfectly, no wonder he is pleased to bits!
    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration :)

  12. haha, snot putt! That is gold! Love it.

    And I love the blanket! Awesome beyond words

    Happy Birthday to your Boy!

  13. Hahahaha Boos face is too funny! Yay fot FUN times :) and happy birthday

  14. How funny, we've just had a birthday boy and I went for a blue rainbow cake!
    The blanket is fantastic and Boo is revolting!!
    Hope you're having a great weekend,
    Sandra x

  15. What fun! The cake is super fantastic!


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