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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, October 27, 2011

A strange phenomenon has occurred around these parts lately.  

Ever since the giant Mario Mushroom blanket has been finished (aka "The Blanket of Torture") there has been a flurry of creative craftiness going on.  

I think the burden of my blanket commitment has lifted, and hence I've gone a bit crazy.

Makings include this cute crochet cupcake made for a certain someone, and another moustache mug cozy.

I'm also attempting to make a crochet paisley, and horror of all horrors, have started on another granny square blanket with block colours!!

And guess what my other son has ordered for his birthday next year?  A Space Invader granny square blanket, in grey and black!!

I'm totally keen (and maybe a wee bit crazy!).

For more crafty makings, go here
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  1. Granny square blankets are HEAVEN on earth ;) Love your blog!!

    Tracy/Creme de la Gems

  2. My crochet lessons start tomorrow night *squeal* I'm so excited - 5 girls, my house, cups of tea, cupcakes . . . and crochet teacher ::)) how much fun!
    I LOVE your paisley !! !! !! and I'm envisaging dresden crochet style

  3. yup
    a wee bit crazy...but it is so good!!!
    you go girl!

    love and light

  4. Way to inspire your kids in crochet goodness! :)

    LOVE the paisley - so creative!

  5. Loving the colors in your new squares!

    And invaders will make an awesome blanket!

  6. hee hee hee love all the craziness. You go girl! x

  7. How cute!!! I just love your crochet work! I really need to lean.


  8. I love the cupcake. Would make a perfect pin cushion:)

  9. That little cupcake is one of the cutest things I've seen, so gorgeous :o) Love popping in to check out your creative space, always so much going on xo

  10. This certain someone loves her cupcake. It is living by my computer making me smile! Thank you for visiting me today

  11. I love all your crochet. I am going to have to have a refresher lesson soon so I can make some adorable things too.

  12. Oh my gosh girl, you are taking crochet to a whole new level of cool!

  13. OMG how awesome would Space Invaders blanket be?!

  14. cute cute cute cupcake!


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