Party Party!!

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our sweet little birthday girl (who was up waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the birds this morning) has had a wonderful day.  

We started off the morning with our usual birthday tradition of everyone jumping into our bed to share something they like about the birthday person, praying for the birthday person and then watching them open their presents. Then after church we had a little afternoon tea with her bestie (and his family) and our family.

The bunting was hung...

The Rainbow Cake was conquered!! (see here).  Lets just say that I was super relieved that it actually worked!  It looked great and tasted good too... 

The treats were devoured and the little guests had fun together (while the adults lounged on the deck)...

Birthdays are so special - a time to celebrate and be thankful for life, no matter what age you are!

We love you Miss 4!! 

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  1. Wow- amazing cake- looking forward to hearing more about it. Looks like a fabulous day. Cx

  2. Oh look at her face!! SO cute!
    And that cake! looks Amazing!

  3. Fun!! Love the did a great job of it x

  4. What an awesome party and you did such a fab job on the cake.

  5. so super cute! I LOVE that cake - what an awesome job!!

  6. That cake looks so amazing - you did a fabulous job!! And what a real cutie Miss 4 glad she had a wonderful day.

  7. Fantastic job on the cake...I see your icing skills waaaay exceed mine...nice work!

  8. Ellymay10:34 pm

    She's a darling girl and we love her heaps. You did an amazing job with the CAKE. Yummy.

  9. Awww, she looks so happy! What a lovely day and well done on that amazing looking rainbow cake!

  10. Anonymous10:51 pm

    That cake is amazing!!!

  11. Oh yum! I want someone to make me a rainbow cake for my birthday!

    Happy Birthday little Miss 4

  12. Aw! She is so cute! Or, as the Koreans say, "Cute-uhhh!"


    That cake is steLLaR!!

    You are AweSomE!!


  13. Looks like such a fun day! Pink! Colour! Smiles! Gorgeousness as far as they eyes can see!

    The cake looks AMAZING...I love the way you did the wavy icing on the outside. I'm going to do that next time:) Hope you've got your hard working feet up and giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Meredy xo.

  14. Oh happy birthday sweettie! That cake looks Awesome!

  15. Anonymous6:20 am

    the cake looks perfect!

    love and lgiht

  16. Anonymous7:10 am

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Awww she is such a doll. MMMMMM That cake looked yummy. I am making a rainbow cake(hopefully) for my little man who is 7 in a few weeks. I just hope my oven doesn'e let me down. Glad your little darling had a great day x

  17. ahhh! what a lovely time. i LOVE your tradition of jumping in bed for affirmations and prayers...we do the affirmations, but its at the table during b/d dinner. I love your version! i too made the rainbow cake for my daughter's b/d last spring! all the little girls screamed with delight when we cut into it :)

  18. wow what a wonderful cake :)
    pleased she had a great day

  19. happy birthday Miss 4!
    and the cake looks fab too :o)

  20. Such a sweet party. Makes me excited that we are having a girl and bring some pink into this house!


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