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By PaisleyJade - Monday, February 28, 2011

I had such an awesome morning today catching up with a few of these blogging buddies at a local park.  We all get on so well and time just flew by! 

I love hanging with these girls - we always have tonnes to talk about, heaps of laughs, no shame at taking out our cameras and this time there was even a bit of public crochet!!! 

 Jackie - you have the best laugh ever!!

I can't wait to hang out with these lovely ladies again (and the others who weren't there).

Tracy's take on our day here, Renette's here and Leonie's here.
For more blogging meet ups, go here

Please don't forget to keep New Zeland in your thoughts and prayers... there are so many ways that you can help out (see the links at the top of my sidebar) as well as more info about donating here.

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  1. Looks like a fun day crocheting :)

  2. Anonymous3:33 am

    The socks are divine! I miss "frilly" socks!

  3. Anonymous4:05 am

    Definitely keeping New Zealand in my thoughts. Lovely to see another great meet up of bloggy friends, and those socks sooo cute :)

  4. Looks like fun! Definitely have to make it to the next one :-)

  5. That shot of me defines the term "Laughing your head off!"

  6. lucky! i want to hang out with buddies and craft it up outside. too cool, ladies ;)

  7. love that shot of Jackie!!
    Was another awesome morning, crocheting in the park, with friends, was like the cherry on top!

  8. Oh my goodness, this looks like the perfect day! So Fun...more fun than a spa day for sure.


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