Whangarei Bloggers Unite!!!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take a group of eight bloggers who all live in the same city, but haven't all met each other before and what do you get?  You get the coolest morning ever!!! 

The awesome Jacksta-B decided it was about time some of us Whangarei bloggers actually met face to face, so organised a morning tea at the Town Basin.  It was great to get to know each other (as well as unashamedly take photos of each other... something only bloggers understand).

You girls are awesome and  I can't wait to do this again some time soon.

Our group consisted of Jackie from Jacksta-B,  Leonie from Kiwi At Heart, Tracy from Inside the Scrapheap, Neetz from Bassett blurbs and Banter, Liz from She exceeds Rubies, Simone from Sima-J, Renette from The South African Kiwi and me!

When you hang out with blogging buddies you...

Take photos (of course)...

Laugh and chat...

Ohhh and aaahhhh over brand new babies...

Your kids get on like a house on fire straight away (as kids do)...

Ask the nice waitress to take group photos for you (and pray she doesn't get fired for taking photos of crazy blogging ladies on her first day of work!!)!

You learn which of the bloggers are messy drinkers (not mentioning any names... but we all know who that was don't we girls!)...

Have random people coming up to you while your there saying, "Hey, you're PaisleyJade... I read your blog" - only to find out that you actually read their blog too!!  This person was Cassandra - Lisa's sister... and guess what!?!  Lisa (Everything by Twos) was on the phone, so a few of  us got to have a chat to her (I'm on the phone to her in the pic below while posing with her sis Cassandra!).

 What an awesome time - can't wait to do it again girls!! xoxox

Other's take on the day here: Jackie, Tracy, Neetz, Leonie, Renette

For more of my bloggy meet ups go here.

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  1. You are the blogging Queen Kristy!! Blog post up and we've only been home for how long!!! Was an awesome morning!

  2. Haha Tracy - more like a blogging addict! I'm getting the 'evil eye' from my husband right now as we are late to pick the kids up from school!!!

  3. Great Pics Kris...was super cool meeting everyone alright! You are so famous..you get noticed in public!

  4. Awww FUN! You whangarei girls look like a great bunch!!!!

  5. Hey Awesome Whangarei Chickies :) So cool to hang with you all this morning :) I have been hanging out to blog, but just remembered I have to get ready for our "school picnic" tonight... so will have to save it for another time!

    Great to catch up with you again supermummy Kristy, and thanks to Jacksta for making it all happen etc.
    Nice to make new friends. Lets do it again soon!!
    And YAYYY for chatting with Lisa, and the lovely Cassandra :)

  6. coolness!!! and how amazing was that about cassandra and weza!!!!!!! awesome. COME TO CHCH!

  7. Wow! Kristy you are so quick!
    It was so awesome meeting you all this morning!! What a lovely bunch of bloggers in Whangarei! And great that we can all flash our camera's around and laugh and have a fab time. And an extra special touch meeting Lisa's sister too.
    Cant wait to do it again!! Soon please I need company my own age.

  8. AH I'm so jealous that looks like so much fun and I love how all the kids got along. SO nice!

  9. ohmygosh looks like a blast!

  10. Aw! How fun & great! I'd so LOVE to meet other blogging women!!!

    Love this!!~

  11. What a great day!! And wow you are famous huh?!!

    My husband is up that way today too!

    Come on, tell us who the messy drinker is ;)

  12. Looks like a fantastic morning. Makes me wish I lived in Whangarei! Cx

  13. Wow that is a quick post! Was a sweet morning yay!! Def. have to do it again soon :-)

  14. i have been lucky to meet afew blogging buddies and they are just as nice in person as their blog is to read. i almost feel that i could do a blog trip around the world and stay with eacho fht e bloggers i follow and have an absolute blast!

    lovely to see you had so much fun.

    p.s. the rainbow cake is fanbloodytastic!!

  15. Lyns, there will be no naming and shaming..lol.
    Perhaps it will be revealed when we have an Auckland/Whangarei Blogger get together... lol.

  16. Anonymous8:01 pm

    love it!!


  18. Yay that looks like a great morning. Funny you got to chat to Lisa, I bumped into her at school after she'd been talking to you. Had I been a little earlier I may have joined in the conversation!!!! :)

  19. Awesome! Looks like a fantastic way to spend a beautiful day!

  20. Absolutely loved meeting all the WHG bloggers - highlight of my week.
    Please please please can we do it again?

  21. How fun! I have yet to meet a blogging buddy:( Wow, people recognize you in public?!? You're famous!:)

  22. It was great to meet you all so fun. It would be cool to have a chch bloggers catch up to. Not that I'm blogging right now just reading blogs and thinking about blogging!


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