Softies for the Children of Christchurch

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Many of you would have heard about the devestating earthquake that struck Christchurch yesterday.  Our Nation is in shock as bodies are being recovered from collapsed buildings, homes have been destroyed and loved ones are awaiting to hear from their family members.  Aftershocks continue and I can't help but think of the children and how this must affect them all as well.

There are many ways to help (apart from praying) and I will list some of them at the end of this post.

Leonie from Kiwi At Heart has come up with a wonderful and practical way that any of you Softie makers out there can get involved in... "Softies for the Children of Christchurch".  If you are a creative person, this is a wonderful way to help out, whether you live in New Zealand or in other countries, we would love you to get involved.  Please spread the word on your blogs too, using the button above in a post or putting it on your sidebar with a link to here.

For more information on how to get involved, please go here.

Thankfully, I have finally heard that all of my family in Christchurch are safe and well.  My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, or who are still awaiting to hear from family and friends.

Thank you all for your messages of love to us in NZ - I have received messages from concerned friends as far away as Mexico and Japan.  It is lovely to see the support coming to Christchurch from all over the world.

For other ways to help the people of Christchurch see below. 

Phone 0900 33 200 to make an automatic $20 donation
FreeTXT 'QUAKE' to 555 to donate $5 or FreeTXT 'QUAKE' to 333 to donate $3 from any Vodafone mobile
Donate online at
Donate in person at any branch of NZ Post, Kiwibank, ANZ, National Bank, ASB, TSB and BNZ across New Zealand.
Mail a cheque (made payable to New Zealand Red Cross) to: Canterbury Earthquake Appeal, Freepost 232690, PO Box 12-140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.

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  1. A very good cause.

  2. im Going to go put my name down and blog it

  3. bless you, Leonie and any other crafty people who get behind this

    shame Im not

    pleased your family are ok
    mine are too
    although one member has lost his house and job

  4. I have thought of you all day wondering about your family. I'm so relieved to know they are all okay.
    I'm so sorry and am praying for all of your countrymen and women.
    Thanks for offering ways that we can help.

  5. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Glad your family is safe. My mum lives in Gisborne and many family friends are down in the ChCh area. I'll be purchasing a few Softies to help in anyway that I can.
    Seattle, WA, USA

  6. Thank goodness your family are ok.
    Our hearts are with all those affected.
    Thank you so much for the list.

  7. Are you sending a softie? Sewing isn't one of my big talents. Any chance you have any spare softies about to make an appearance in your store, I could pay you for an extra one, to travel along with yours.


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