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By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The three eldest children are back to school today, so in celebration of a new school year we decided to take the kids on a fun outing yesterday to Hyde Park

Hyde Park is 92 acres of farmland, native bush and walking tracks... and best of all, dogs are allowed off the leash!  We had a great time as a family, some of our adventures included...

Posing in the bush... and pretending to be Bush Warriors (where I think we reverted straight back to our Drake Fighter roles)!!!  

Climbing giant twisty trees... 

Tasting delicious fresh fruit... some of which were slightly tart (hehe - this photo totally cracks me up!)...

Carrying scaredy-cat Boo over bridges and cattle stops...

Showing off cross-eye skills at every spare chance...

Carrying tired girls back to the car after a long bush treck...

What did we think of Hyde Park?  We liked it, but aren't sure if we'd go again. There were great things like chickens to look at, native bush to explore, fresh fruit to sample and freedom for our dog Boo, but in reality is was basically a farm that you pay to wander on.  It was a long day for the kids, especially Miss 3 who at one point said "I want to be home and have a sleep" and Miss 6 who exclaimed, "I don't ever want to come here again".  

So, who knows if we will go again - we did have fun and made some good memories. 

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  1. what a neat last day of the holidays :)

  2. I LOVE that photo of the 'tart plum' haha cracked me up :-) Go Symon carrying the girls - they all look pretty happy even though they 'didn't wanna be there' hehe :-)

  3. Oh well, great they give you feedback!! Will save your husband's arms for next time, carrying all those children back to the car, we've done that, i just figure it burns more calories!! Love Posie

  4. Aw..great outing...where is Hyde park?

  5. you are a fun lady.
    good job going and making an adventure.
    i think if us reeds went on that adventure we'd have a similar report....ha ha!

  6. Hilarious Drake Fighter photo!!

  7. Absolutely loving that first pic:-) Sounds like the best kind of day!!!

  8. Hope they had a good first day back at school!

  9. i love your honest appraisal of the outing! it's never all perfect and roses is it? haha. a beautiful mixture of fun and complaining :) good job making it happen!

  10. I love your fierce poses!! haha! I feel like I missed so much! But I've totally enjoyed "catching up"! :) I just love you and your family! ^_^

    Have a Happy School Year!

  11. Great times! Your fam is adorable!

  12. love that first photo, looks like you guys are having heaps of fun.

  13. Anonymous10:12 pm

    I love that your husband has the same pose in both family photos! Looks like a great day. Your daughter has serious talent with the cross - eyes!

  14. Ha, ha, fabulous pics and well done to you all - you guys sure look one high-energy, fun-loving family!

  15. What a delight to visit your blog! I think it's fascinating that you live in New Zealand, which I've heard is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. And your family is lovely. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!

  16. Oh LOVE that first photo!!! Such characters you are! Sounds like a great day but yeah i totally understand about maybe not going again.

  17. Those trees are amazing!

  18. Your rugrats are so cute. These photos remind me of my sisters and I when we were younger and how wild and silly we were -- totally know all about the posing like warriors and climbing like monkeys.

    Alas, all great things come to an end when it's nap time (;

    Early to Rise


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