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By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow - what a weekend!  Lots of fun and exciting things have been crammed into this extra long three day weekend, including a big cyclone which caused quite a bit of damage and flooding in our area, an amazing bush adventure with the family (more about it tomorrow)... but best of all, guess who came to visit us for dinner over the weekend...

Blogging Buddies!!

We had the most coolest time as bloggers united once again (see here and here for last time). Simone from Greatfun4kids, Gail from Delightfully Diva-ish! and my good friend Jackie from Jacksta-B (along with our husbands, kids and dogs) got together for a BBQ at our house, after plans to meet at the beach were thwarted thanks to Cyclone Wilma's fury.

It was fun, busy, loud and so good to be able to meet up again.  The kids got on great, the dogs didn't (Boo wasn't a very friendly hostess) and us blogging girls got to have a bit of a natter here and there.

It's a strange experience to meet up with people you know so well yet haven't met much in real life. The strange world of blogging friendships... I love it!!  Thanks you guys for a great night ♥ Simone's take on the weekend here.

Here's hoping you had a wonderful weekend too. 

Joining in with Life Made Lovely Monday.

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  1. Your weekend sounds wonderful! I love blogging, I know for me I have a few special blogging friends out there that one day would be great to meet face to face :)

  2. oh SO COOL seeing you guys all together!! (the weirdest part I reckon is meeting the kids we already know so much about! yet they know nothing about us)
    awwwwl so wish the widge family was there!
    hope you are not too damaged from the crazy weather

  3. i did have a wonderful weekend! went dancing with the girls for the first time in years.
    and by girls, i mean friends, not my saggy nursing boobies.

  4. Pity about the weather, look like you guys had a great time anyway!
    Arn't bloogs just the best?
    And all our bloggy friends- they are great to,

  5. Looks like a fantastic weekend and fun meeting Blog friends. Looking forward to having my first 'meet a blog friend' in March. Cx

  6. ooo how cool is that! Would love to do dinner with bloggy pals....hope all is drying out for you guys...hasn't made its way down here yet...

  7. Very cool! Amazing that you have made such good friends blogging.

  8. Awww....I've said it before. Its so cute seeing bloggy friends get together..makes me feel like I'm reading about celebs in a magazine..ha ha!

    And it's days like this I wish Welly wasn't at the other end of the island :-)

  9. looks like a fun weekend.

  10. So great when bloggers turn out to be exactly as you expect & even more fun in the flesh!! I get to meet lots of bloggers at markets, i love it, makes for a happy weekend for sure, love Posie

  11. Anonymous2:16 am

    love love love it

    love and light

  12. its so cool!!! love it!!!! love this weekend!!!!

  13. what a wonderful weekend! i soo want to meet up with some of my blogging friends one day! it's true, what a crazy, little world this is and i wouldn't want it any other way! : )

  14. That pile of kids looks like a way too good time! I tell you right now, it's girlfriends that make the world go round, don't care how you come by them, how long you've known them...it's the good stuff. How blessed you are!

  15. Had such an awesome time at your amazing home Kristy! Thanks so much. Was just lovely meeting your beautiful family too! xx

  16. How fun!!! Looking forward to hopefully meeting all you Whangarei bloggers soon, myself! :o)

  17. Oh what fun! I have yet to meet a blog pal:( Hopefully I will one of these days!

  18. That would have been fun, and loud, wish I was there :)

  19. Ahhh we just got back! It was a great weekend. I have a massive blog post in my head, starring so many bloggers it's ridiculous!
    So glad we got to come and hang out with you guys again :)
    You rock PJ!!


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