I ♥ New Zealand

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I love my country.  I think in the past I have taken living in New Zealand for granted.

When we travelled to Israel last year, I was able to experience different cultures (including a bit of Korea as well), and although these countries are extremely beautiful, it wasn't until I was away from mine that I realised how much I missed and loved it - the people, the native bush, the beaches, the kiwi sense of humour and of course my family and friends.

There have been quite a few Kiwi's (New Zealanders) living overseas who have told me that reading my blog reminds them of home - so precious people, this post is dedicated to you!

Here are a few photos of our trip to the beach today - dedicated to each and every Kiwi out there in other lands.

An average day at the beach in New Zealand usually includes...

Pipi/cockle picking...

Star fish gazing... 

Jumping off bridges...

Admiring cattle on the drive home... 


Eating our pipis/cockles (the best way of course is soaked in vinegar!!)... 

Finished off with a bit of icecream eating...

♥  New Zealand ♥

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  1. Such a beautiful post and yes, we are SO lucky to live in such an amazing country with such incredible natural beauty. It's such a wonderful country for children to grow up in too and the uncrowded wilderness and world class national parks are such treasures to be thankful for.

    Love your photographs and so thankful for this beautiful summer we're having.

    I just wish I could fly all my Whanau out from the UK to enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Zealand too!! And thats why we have to come home. And yes, your blog does make me homesick :)
    Your photos sum up a kiwi summer and I miss it so much... that and flowering pohutukawa...
    I agree, Kiwis are such friendly people..after living in USA and Australia (where people are also friendly).. BUT nothing compares to the laid back nature of kiwi friendliness. We are a unique brand.

    Im doing some blog posts about the great things to do in Brisbane at the moment, so we dont forget the fun we had but also to show kiwis there's more to Queensland than theme parks.

    An australian asked me what to do in NZ.. my favourite is go to the beach, get fish and chips, walk barefoot in the sand....

  3. I'm jealous, what a colorful place

  4. I love living here too! The laidback lifestyle is awesome!

  5. Yes and Amen. God-zone for sure...

  6. Ahhh, Patau!! One of our favourite spots in Northland!!

    Totally love NZ beach summers, there is nothing better! :-)

  7. Your pictures are beautiful.

    My parents visited New Zealand last year and my dad took thousands of photos, and joked that he had found where he wanted to retire to!

    I'd have to be biased and say that our country is equally beautiful, although you guys certainly get a lot more sun than we do, which I can't help but be jealous of!

  8. although I have never been overseas
    I agree with you
    I LOVE New Zealand
    have you ever been to the South Island - now thats stunning!!
    I especially love Fiordland

  9. oh!!! and I forgot to say I also reckon as well as being beautiful we still live in one of the safest places in the world

  10. Anonymous1:17 am

    Thanks Kristy! Pataua looks better than ever... I love jumping off the bridge. I can smell the salty air right now. We come home for 6 days on Jan 31st... My brother is getting married and some big birthdays are being celebrated but I will definitely be having some beach time too!


  11. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaotearoa!! The Promised Land indeed.
    LOVE pipis in vinegar!
    LOVE jumping off bridges into water!
    LOVE the laid-back lifestyle, especially in the summertime.
    I am thankful for my beautiful homeland and shall be asking God, once more, when our return home might be (He probably gets sick of me asking this question, but hey, He can handle it!) ;-)
    Thanks for the wonderful photos and reminders of all we are missing! XX

  12. Lovely post! You are so lucky living in such a wonderful place!
    Happy New Year!!!

  13. it looks so beautiful there.

  14. Yes, I really appreciate you posting your wonderful photos - it is always lovely to see familiar reminders from in and around my old home town!!! Looks like absolute bliss there at the beach!!!

    Well the good news is that we are BOOKED to come home 1st March, the baby and I are packing our bags and coming for 8 weeks!!! Woo-hoo!!! Hubby will join us for the last 3 weeks. Sooo excited - hoping for an Indian summer this year so that there are lots of warm days left for us to enjoy at the beach!!!

  15. your pictures and blog are lovely! I would love to visit sometime:) I feel the same way about my country and where i live too! thanks for dropping by my blog earlier:) heather aka moreygirl

  16. Lovely. What I love most is that you can always find your own space on the beach too...and it's free! Cx

  17. We had such a happy day on the beach and visiting a waterfall yesterday.
    Happy happy happy! NZ rocks :-)

  18. You do live in a beautiful country! Perhaps someday I'll get to visit there.

  19. Is that Symon doing that epic jump. Fun times. You didnt have to save anyone this time did you ;)
    Kiwi Summer = Bliss

  20. Awww kristy you have captured it all so well. I am such a proud Kiwi... in all my travels I've never spotted a country with more natural beauty than good ole NZ.
    Oh and BTW I love your new header! xx

  21. New Zealand looks like such a beautiful place. It would be so amazing if we could come and see it for ourselves someday. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us. :)

  22. awwww. New Zealand is NEXT on our list of places to visit. I am so fascinated with the country. We were contemplating moving there when here in the states we felt there was a political meltdown circa 2004.

  23. Anonymous11:28 am

    one day I will visit
    sooner than later I hope

    love and light

  24. 2 years overseas and I very quickly realised what I had back home was not that bad after all!
    The grass is always greener eh, but it's definitely the greenest here in NZ :)

  25. Gorgeous images of summer.

    Especially love the one of your little girl crashed in the car seat - brings back memories!

  26. Ellymay1:01 pm

    Pataua is a lovely spot and we sure are priviledged to live in such a beautiful part of N.Z.the North is the best, beaches abound; nothing quite like pipi picking but the clean up is a bit arduous at times, looks like you all had a great day, the photos tell their own story.

  27. Anonymous2:44 pm

    It looks beautiful. My husband and I have been talking about planning a trip to New Zealand for a while now but I am really worried I wouldn't want to come home!

  28. Just found you from a comment you left on Muchkin Munchies blog! I'm off to check out Paisley Jade :)

  29. i'm a bit jealous! : ) it looks beyond gorgeous there. please enjoy it some for me!!!

  30. Loving the pipis! very much a touch of home, I can remember pipi hunting in the beach, during my children on Otaki beach. Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us. Bx

  31. Beautiful NZ! Thanks Kristy for this lovely post, such a world away from where I am right now, in a snow covered castle haha. Snow is lovely but nothing beats a NZ beach!

  32. It sure looks beautiful there!

  33. I so agree. NZ is the best country and I feel blessed to live in this country.

  34. I grew up in Southern California and have always wanted to go to New Zealand! When we were younger and played M.A.S.H. it was always the place I included for my dream home! :) Glad to have found your blog and to be able to "see" it a little bit! Maybe one day my hubby & I'll make it there!


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