Party Time!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday we celebrated our little Princess turning seven!

Our morning started as it always does in our house on birthdays... everyone piles into our bed (and yes, the pets are there too) and each person shares something that they love about the birthday person.  Sometimes such thoughtful things are said... and other times, well, lets just say we hurry them along when awkward moments are focussed on, like – “but I don’t like it when we fight all the time”.  After that, we all pray for them, and then it’s time to open the birthday presents!!

There were some very special friends invited home for a little birthday party after school, with lots of fun games played.  My favourite would have to be “Pin the tail on Boo”.  Big thanks to my awesome guy for his amazing drawing skills.

We ate birthday cake, cupcakes and lots of other delicious treats.  Yes, check out that very exciting birthday cake in the top photo... more on that tomorrow.

Before home time, the girls enjoyed some cupcake decorating fun (a couple of adults may have been tempted to get involved too).

Tonnes of fun was had, celebrating our very precious little girl, who is growing into a beautiful young lady.

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  1. gorgeous Kristy, Happy birthday to your daughter!
    Loving how you start birthdays in your house!!!

  2. I love your idea about everyone gathering to say something nice about the birthday girl. So fun!

    Looks like her daughter had a fabulous day :)

  3. hey there, yesterday we celebrated my eldest daughters bday too she was 14!!! yay babysitting. Thankyou for your post it has inspired me. We also do the whole get into mum and dads bed and open presents. But i love the whole think of something you love about them and then pray for them!!!! I am so going to into that. Our youngest daughter turns 8 this month so we can start soon!! what a great positive tradition
    thanks, mim

  4. She's just gorgeous! Happy birthday cutie pie...Gods richest blessings on your life xxxx
    Love the look on the Boo drawing's face..LOL

  5. the above comment was from me :) not benjamin (our mate who forgot to log out) whoops sorry

  6. Sounds like a great day - love your birthday traditions - especially the saying one thing you like about that person...might have to adopt that one myself :-)

  7. What a beautiful idea of everyone saying something they love about the birthday person - I love it! Love the look of that cake too - Love to know how it was made.

  8. LOVE that awesome drawing of Boo!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl :)

  9. think ill be coming over to your house for my birthday!!

  10. Looks FAB!
    Can;t wait to see more on THE CAKE!!!
    And LOVE the cupcake decorating idea.
    Happy Birthday Miss Jade :)

  11. Happy Birthday greetings to your beautiful little lady! Looks and sounds like a fabulous celebration with the perfect blend of fun & food :) That 'Boo' drawing is awesome!

  12. That cake looks amazing! You are cake queen.... your royal highness....

  13. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Happy birthday to Miss 7! Her birthday party looks as sweet as she does :)

  14. wonderful idea to let everyone say something they like about the birthday girl, that is a gift more precious then anything they bought for her! sweet!

    and I love your picture of Boo, where the kid's need to get his tail right, haha, cool! Love X Nien

  15. sending big birthday wishes to your princess!! home parties are the best type of parties. and yes, kudos to your artistic hubs.

  16. you guys always look like you have the most fun together! i love it!
    happy birthday to your little girl :)

  17. Happy Birthday Shemayah!!!! I still remember seeing her for the first time with all that dark hair! She's stunning and growing up so fast. xx


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