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By PaisleyJade - Friday, May 06, 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

What a week!  A royal wedding, the kids back at school for their second term, a tornado in New Zealand (yes, you heard me right... a tornado in New Zealand!), and Mother's day just around the corner.  Wow.

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

"Ants on Log" - this little person had been hounding me all week to by celery so we could make this (I still have no idea to this day where she got the idea from either)...

  Boo sleeping upright (we didn't play with her face this time)...

New bunks in the girls room - yay for more space!

This lovely big brother who is very caring and helpful (most of the time) with his little sisters.  I found him last night on their top bunk reading them their bedtime stories.  So sweet.

Link Love:  Totally thankful to God that my friend Dom and her family are safe after her 3 children were caught up in their car in the tornado!  Total miracle (story here).  Loving this cute as Pink Snowball Cake. Loving these free (and totally legal) Christian album downloads!!!

Granny stripe blanket 'finished blanket pose' reject photo...

Here's how you can join in....
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  1. Anonymous7:47 am

    ants on a log...never did get that, the whole raisin thing kinda freaks me out!!!
    but she is still cute as a button
    Boo...crack me up!...she sure has been a perfect fit for your family PJ!
    Love those big brother tender moments...helps us get through those "other" not-so-tender-moments eh?
    have to read up on the miracle and love the granny are such a geek!!!lol

    love and light

  2. Love your blanket, and the girls' room -so pretty!

    I remember doing ants on a log when we were kids. It was fun. And so great that your son is such a good big brother. It will be a gift the younger ones will treasure in the years to come.

  3. bunks are such a great invention right?! (until you have to change the top bed's sheets - that's not so fun!)

  4. My kids were watching Kidzone yesterday and the presenter was making ants on a log - my kids don't like anything that looks healthy so they haven't asked me to make them! PJ I need your help - I have seen these supercool basket thingies made from crotchet. I want to make them, only problem is I don't know how to crotchet!! I have three books on the table with instructions but I don't get it :(
    Love your girls bunks, and your granny blanket xx

  5. my daughter LOVES ants on a log, especially when the ants are chocolate chips. :) and how on earth do you make crochet look so easy!? the number of hand knit things you can quickly whip up is amazing!! i love the blanket!

  6. Anonymous9:32 am

    Your girls' room is a vision in pink! So lovely (and tidy!). What a sweet big brother - love it!

  7. The bunks look great, what a cute room. And I love your blanket, so clever :)

  8. My husband just introduced me to ants on a log!!! I thought it was the cutest thing ever :) This will definitely be a snack we serve our kids..whenever we decide to have them! Looking forward to reading everyone's links! :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Oh bunks, our twins decided they wanted to go back into bunks when they were 9 (yes, loved the extra floor space again - they have always had to share), now they want to seperate & have seperate rooms so i have to make this 4 bedroom home into a 5. Not easy, but the teenager will share my studio space with a super cool bedroom now, she's thrilled, also at the other end of the house. Amazing what you can make do with house space when you're desperate or highly encouraged by your large family. Love Posie

  10. Oooh I cannot wait for the day when my two girls can a) share a room and b) go into bunks - the space looks BLISS!

    My girls have been eating celery with peanut butter all week too - haven't tried the raisin thing yet - they'll think it's Christmas!

    PS I have an idea - you should totally do a 'how to crochet' post with a project - I'd love to have a creative bone in my body - but need super simple instructions haha!

  11. haha it looks like the blanket is swallowing you alive in that pic :)


  12. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I love that granny stripe blanket, I am desperate to learn to crochet... thinking I may go onto youtube and look for an instructional video :)

  13. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Oh I love that your little boy looks after his sisters like that! Even if it only occasionally!
    And I LOVE that blanket Kristy!
    So awesome.
    Girly, I just wanted to thank you for this link up every week.
    It gives perspective.
    It reminds us what really matters in a sometimes overwhelming world.
    You're precious and I count it a blessing calling you friend!
    xx Stacey

  14. Oooooh! my youngest still begs for ants on a log! (He could totally make them himself...)

    Crushing on the pink, pink girlie room. Bunk beds are the answer to so many of life's little problems! It truly opens up a space.

  15. Loving that PINK room! sweet!

  16. wow, I just read the article about your friend Dom, that is craaaaazy! Far out, talk about God's amazing protection!

  17. Love those ants on a log and that she even thought of it )and love that pic)!
    love that granny stripe pose.
    Love LOVE the new bunks! Their room looks amazing!

    I've linked up a post dedicated to gail since she's off to china on monday *sniff*

    Love gail.
    will miss.

  18. oh my gosh that happened to Dom!!! Im glad they are all ok!
    Loving the granny blanket too :)

  19. Ants on a log... looks interesting. Might just have to try that for the kids

    Please tell me your girls room doesn't always look that clean. I swear my girls room is always the messiest in the whole house!

    Glad to hear your friends are safe.

    Lovin' your pose and the crochet blanket. I am still trying to learn to crochet... one day, hopefully soon!

  20. Wow - that is an amazing story of God's amazing protection. He is good!

  21. Love the ants on a log pic. lol. I'm new here. Lovin this meme. I do one called project smile. Similar idea. Love that even in our darkest hour there is still beautiful, smile worth moments to be found.

  22. I've never heard of ants on a log before!

    And that is one pink bedroom! A bit of a contrast to our house! Very, very cute though.

  23. Ellymay9:52 am

    She has probably got the idea at someones party, who knows?.Blanket looks amazing and having the bunks in the girls room has made such a difference, give Boo a hug from me, didn't realise you knew the family in the up turned car, what a day that was!!

  24. Oooh... I love your daughters' room, so cute. I dreamed of a pink room when I was their age haha! Wonderful!

    And bunks are just wonderful (though I hit my head hard once when I was in the top one, forgot that the ceiling was a little bit nearer then my tiny person was used to ;))

    Have a lovely weekend Kristy! XNien


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