Silence is Golden

By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 30, 2011

They say silence is golden, and I must agree, it sure is.

This last weekend our amazing boy decided that he would like to take part in this years 40hr Famine, but instead of fasting from food, he was going to go on a talking fast.

Now, for those of you who don't know our boy, he has pretty much been talking since birth. Instead of the normal 'dad' or 'mum' for a first word, his was 'hi'... and he really hasn't stopped since.

So I was slightly worried at his goal to not talk for 40 hours, but I was also seriously excited at the prospect of a slightly quieter weekend than normal.  Alas, it's finally over and with only one slip up (a polite "pardon" to his brother in the early hours of Sunday morning) I think he did a mighty fine job.

I also realised that it's way nicer having his voice around, even if it is slightly loud and rather constant, it's better than pages of notebook scribbles and charades in my face. 

With $310 raised, his silence has truly been golden... golden coins and crispy notes collected to be given to some people who are in serious need, going to such a worthy cause.

Love you buddy - and thanks to all our amazing friends and family who supported him in his crazy dream!

Blessed are those who are generous,
because they feed the poor.  Proverbs 22:9

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  1. That is so precious! What a generous soul you have fostered.

  2. Wow! Kudoos for your son! I wouldn't even know if I myself would be able to do it... what a wonderful gesture!

  3. Ohhh wow! What a star!
    What a great kid you have there!
    This post gave me a nice batch of the warm fuzzies - thanks PJ; just what i needed on this gray monday morning :)

  4. Well done..great fundraising effort!

  5. Really good work J! I love it when our youth step up and see the need in others!

  6. Haha that's awesome!

  7. Ellymay2:25 pm

    WOW!! Jash how did you manage it,awesome hardly descibes this great kid, he is a real star, and both you and Mr PJ, with God's help are doing a wonderful job of raising 4 amazing children, you are all very precious.

  8. Anonymous2:30 pm

    that is so cool
    40 hours eh?
    wonder if my guys could do thinks not!
    and hey look at you with over 650 followers!!!
    You are indeed a Rock Star!!!!

    love and light K

    ps sorry I missed your love fest...I could not get my page to up time

  9. What a wonderful and unique concept. Good on your little guy for raising funds for such a great cause, you must be very proud.
    I think we may adopt this idea in a couple of years, when both our boys start chatting ;o)

  10. Hey, well done to your boy!!

  11. awesome work! That's a serious amount of dosh!! Well done!!

  12. Great parenting leads to great kids with great ideas - well done all of you!


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