Crochet Wrist Warmers

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's getting rather chilly here in New Zealand as winter approaches.  I decided it was about time I made some wrist warmers!

I've always wanted to try making crochet wrist warmers, and found a super simple pattern here recently which I decided to give a go.  These are really easy make and stitch up - I love them!  Next time I might make them longer and in a different colour too...

As I was trying to photograph the finished product using the automatic timer on my camera, a little wee someone decided she'd like to have her own photo shoot too (please excuse her slightly scary faces - I think she's been watching too much Nacho Libre)...

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  1. Love love love these!! I reckon that's what I need for some of my outside gigs...(gets a little chilly when you're an old granny like myself!!).. heehee. Actually its a bit like a cross between something ROCK and a bit of 80s Madonna...??? lol Very cool ;)

    And the cutie Nacho Libre pics are great!!! ;) lol

  2. they are very cool!!! and perfect in this cold weather!
    did someone say a crochet lesson get together??? lol
    actually we were very slack at Narnia, where was our crocheting in public?
    and she is very cute!! haha!

  3. i love those! i always forget we have opposite seasons, i think that is soo crazy! lol

  4. Cool wrist warmers - I wish I could crochet!

    Gorgeous little miss!

  5. Man I wish I could crochet. These are so funky.

  6. she is the cutest!

  7. Cool, well warm actually! Your lil girl is sooooo cute!!

  8. hmmmmmmmmm -- it's much too warm today to linger on this post...

    (Which is why I spent much more time on the chocolate covered goodness below...)

    I thought of you today because I saw a little car with a HUGE stuffed mustache covering the front grill.

  9. Anonymous11:25 am

    me like
    will any be making their way into your shop shop shop???

    love and light

    ps as you know I am looking for replacments due to my Puppy Prince ; )

  10. Anonymous11:27 am

    The Scientist would like to let you know just how much he likes the mustache cupcake with lime icing...he is hoping that I will purchase it for him!!!
    ; )

    love and light PJ

  11. I went through a wrist warmer phase this last winter.
    I just love them!
    And yours our adorable.
    Your daughter is so cute!
    We love Nacho Libre in out house too:)

  12. So cute! I've never tried crocheting wrist warmers but i'd like to give it a go. x

  13. I love them!
    (and your cardy.
    and your necklace!)

    I need to make some in navy for the little one, to go with her school uniform. I've done the scarf - with added purple of course!xx

  14. Love the wrist warmers! And pictures of you modeling them are great :)

    Have a great night

  15. Love those wrist warmers - have been meaning to try and knit some for myself, but crochet sounds easier than all those fiddly double-ended needles.

  16. Super cool, the modelling & the warmers, such a great idea, i do love to be cosie. Love Posie

  17. oooh I LOVE those, I always wanted to make a pair! yours turned out lovely!!

  18. Wow, these are great! Thanks for the link, I wish I could crochet but I'm absolutely hopeless at it but I'm hoping to "convince" my mom to make me a pair.
    your little girl is absolutely adorable :-)

  19. I absolutely love the weist warmers! So inspirational!!!

  20. These are so super cute! Def going to give them a go!!

  21. Like your wrist warmers. Funny idea that in your part of the world it gets colder and here in Holland we are waiting for the summer.

  22. I am so glad I spotted your wrist warmers on i-crochet just now. It's freezing here in Welly today and these are just what I need!! I will whip some up tomorrow. Thank you!! Have a fab week.

  23. The wrist warmers are so great! As well as a super easy project! This is a simple pattern and it looks fab! I've got to do them up! Thanks for the inspiration. Great for chilly fall evenings too!

    Love the bonus photo shoot too! Cutie!


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