♥ Weekend Bliss ♥

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 25, 2011

♥ Starting off the weekend after having two whole days and nights kidless, thanks to my amazing parents (we do love our kids... honest).

♥ Doing a bit of secret squirrel crochet project making.

♥ Eating some of the most delicious muffins ever (I may just have to share the recipe with you tomorrow).

♥ Pictureka in family teams... crazy fun I tell you!

♥ The beard getting shaved off (although it was growing on me... no pun intended ;)

♥ Going to church - man, I love our church family!

♥ Boo snoozing

♥ Make sure we are raising cultured Kiwi children... by forcing them to watch this (haha).

♥ Lots of just being, not so much doing.

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  1. Sometimes those are the best days....just doing a whole lotta nothing and just enjoying the company of the ones we love :)

  2. I'm soooo with you there. Being is just as good (if not better) than doing. Thanks for sharing Kristy x

  3. you always have such quaint weekends!!

  4. aw, you were blessed by having two nights kidless. I love those opportunities. Love my kids, but love the breaks from them too!

  5. I lold at Poi E! Hehe, thanks for the giggle

  6. Ooooo I love 'being' weekends. And I love poi e! Im listening to it while I read some more blogs, and trying not to jump up and do some kind of poi dance. Hehe.

  7. That dude in the white gloves doing the Michael Jackson was funny!!! Ahh a bit of Kiwi history!

  8. Anonymous8:49 pm

    oooh I love more being and less doing weekends!
    A new muffin recipe? Yes please!!!
    Oh boo to the beard going, I'm a MEGA man-beard fan!!
    Lots love Miss Kristy, you're a legend my friend xxx

  9. mmm... can't wait to hear the recipe! i want your dog's quilted blanket. : )

  10. Awww, what a great weekend!


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