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By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes you stumble across stories that touch your heart.  Stories that inspire you, challenge you and move you, even to tears.

I remember when a friend shared shared the story of Nella Cordelia with me... I cried big ugly tears reading that one.

Well today I stumbled across another amazing story whilst admiring beautiful wedding photos.  It was and is the story of true love.

Grab a tissue and have a read... the wedding photos are amazing, the story of love is even more so.

An extract from Larissa...

"How can I stay in love with a man who hasn't spoken to me in a year and a half? A man who can't plan a special date for us, can't tell me anything without me asking first, can't challenge me, earn money for us, lead us in devotions or call me at work to see how my day is going. I don't know how. I also don't know how God still loves me, someone who has nothing to offer Him. But both have happened and have made my life infinitely better."


Once you've read the story, watch this.

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  1. Thank you for making me stop and think about "love" today. This is a beautiful story about 2 beautiful people...

  2. Anonymous7:38 am

    sitting here in tears
    what a story
    real people living real lives
    the photos are amazing!
    thanks for sharing this K....thank you

    love and light

  3. thanks for sharing, definitely felt god's presence simply from the stunning photos captured. thanks again.

  4. What an amazing love story! Absolutely breath taking. And I cried when I read Nella's story as well!

  5. Oh my gosh i'm holding back the tears! A couple may or may not have popped out... That story is just sooo BEAUTIFUL. True love. So inspiring!

  6. What a hauntingly beautiful story of love that knows no bounds. The wedding theme and design are to die for too! Thanks so much for sharing PJ xx

  7. wow. breathtaking.
    (i kept thinking how proud her mother must be of her character!! haha, everything goes through my mama-filter now!!)

    i'm drooling over her taste/style too.

  8. Oh my. How beautiful is that?!.. Such love.

  9.! God has definitely been speaking to me this week about my view of "perfection." Ian & Larissa, Nella... if we meet them on the sidewalk we look the other way in discomfort. I've been challenged by this blog:

    We are ALL created in God's image, and He sees us ALL the same. Oh, to love selflessly...

  10. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Sob sob sob!
    That's love, Christ centred love right there!
    xx Stacey

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