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By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yesterday, some of the Whangarei Bloggy girls got together, with the extra special occasion of Anya from Art by Anya joining us with her new (and very scrumptious) baby Neo, all the way from Australia!

Anya is an awesome friend, and the first one to even introduce me to the world of blogging! 

It was so good to catch up, and as usual there was heaps of laughs, coffee, delicious food and photo taking going on.

The amazing Becky (Miss Becky Boo) even whipped herself up a crochet beanie that morning...

ten points if anyone can guess what Anya is talking about here 

Of course, wee little Neo was the perfect baby. with lots of cuddles and photos being taken... 

Loved catching up with you girls, and missed all of you that couldn't make it.  Our love especially goes out to Arna-Lise, who has just had her new baby Aiden - 6 weeks prem.

Becky's take on the day here.
Anya's take on the day here.
For more bloggy catch ups, see here.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you all had a great time!

  2. Fun!! Looks like a great time xo

  3. You Whangarei girls show us all how its done... and YAY for Anya getting to be there. Love Anya, she rocks.
    And that scrumptious Neo??!!

    My guess is something to do with SNIPPING??? Am I close??

  4. Yay - love to Anya!!

    and snippity snippity.

  5. Gosh Whangarei! I was there a few years back with my ex boyfriend Ewen who lives in England now. I loved it there and had things worked out differently, you never know I could have been a Whangarei blogger too.

  6. Neo is just gorgeous!! Look at that HAIR! I love baby cuddles.

    Talia Christine

  7. oh looks like a great morning! so sad I couldnt make it :(

  8. Anonymous6:30 pm

    awesome fun!

    love and light

  9. baby. on shoulder. asleep. open mouth.... <3

  10. Oh what fun! Love the last photo of you and your daughter:)

  11. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Looks cool. We're having a chch one tomorrow! YAy

  12. Yay for get-togethers with fantastic women...I'm hoping I get to meet a few of you before you know it!

  13. um, did she seriously just wake up and think to herself....
    self, i would like to crochet a beanie today?!
    that is a jam!!

  14. Lovely photographs and looks and sounds like a lot of fun too. How wonderful!

  15. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Heaps of coffee??? Why wasn't I invited?? ;0) Looks and sounds like you ladies had a great time. It's wonderful, a blessing, to have awesome friends.
    My guess is that Anya is talking about a bug getting caught in her eyelashes. And did she seriously crochet that hat in one morning? Wow...that's impressive.
    I hope your friend and her little baby are doing well, healthy and strong.


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