Overcoming Fear

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Childhood fears can be serious foes to battle.

I know what it's like to be frozen and powerless to fear... you may want to laugh, but the Daddy-long-legs spider had a terrifying grip over my life for far too many years.

I'm not quite sure when it all started, but the humble Mr. Long-Legs would cause major turmoil if it crossed my path. I still remember my poor mum having to catch and/or squash every single one before I could enter bedrooms and even toilets. You can imagine then what happened when one crawled right down my face once.

With this in mind, I've been sympathetic, yet extremely keen to see my youngest daughter's fear of 'all things medically related' conquered. Her fear started way back with an injection as a baby, and from that point on any person dressed in a white coat or a white sterile room would send her into a panic. I don't think her need for grommits, and two trampoline accidents needing glue and stitches helped either (here and here).

Anyway, our Doctors have been amazing over the last few years, making sure that her medical experiences have been as stress free as possible, allowing her to visit and just play with the toys, letting her hear her own heartbeat etc. I didn't think this would make much difference but I can honestly say that it has.

The GIANT fear has been striped back to what it really is... reality. Often in reality, the things we fear aren't so horrendous as we imagine them to be. They are like a pack of tiny chihuahuas with megaphones... scary to hear, until you know what they look like.

Yesterday we visited the Doctors once again for her pre-school injections, and although there were a few tears because of the pain (and red jelly bean juice dribbled down my top as she cried softly with her head snuggled into my chest), she made her Mamma super proud.

Unrealistic fears can be overcome with patience, support and prayer. I know this myself too, because Mr Daddy-long-legs doesn't scare me any more either.

Whitetails on the other hand...

After injection treats

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  1. Oh bless the dear little one! Injections are never nice but I'm sure she was super-pleased to know you were right there with her. I remember my pre-school injections and the 'treat' afterwards was used as good bribery to help me be brave.
    I think you have very good reason to be afraid of white-tailed spiders. Evil to the core.

  2. Fears are never unrealistic, especially when you are feeling them , for sure. Glad she was so brave and made you proud. So gorgeous K xx

  3. Anonymous10:01 am

    How neat of your doctors to let her come and play! Our big fear with our 3-year-old is wolves...not sure how to help him get over it, but I'm fairly confident we won't meet any strolling down the street so haven't tackled it head-on yet...hehe

  4. oh man I had to actually pray over MYSELF and my fam one day concerning white tails. They used to freak me out so much I felt sick.

    One of mine has been fearful of injections, also doctors in general, refusing to go while I had to drag him in after he had a gash on his head from the top bunk. He's overcome it but it is so difficult at the time aye!

    Well done to you and your cuteness :)

  5. good on you for taking the time to see her through her fears too. Your patience has probably been more of the factor than the doctors rooms


  6. I feel for your little one but think you are taking a wise course in helping her. I'm sure a milkshake afterwards makes it seem easier to cope with. I had a huge injection phobia because my grade 3 teacher told the class they hurt. Before that I had no problems. Roll on to somewhere around the middle of high school, rubella I think, and I decided that my best option was to be first in line so that I wouldn't tighten up to the point where it was almost impossible to get the needle in. I still don't like them but reason assures me that the pain will be short lived and I need to be nice to the poor nurses too. I definitely don't want the shame of having four nurses holding me down these days. Cherrie

  7. Ellymay10:49 am

    Fears are very real, I still have a fear of worms, must have been terrorized by my brothers at some time in my youth, I have to believe that one day this fear shall be conquered, who can be scared of worms!!! Jesus say's "Fear not for I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God" Hallelujah!!

  8. Great read and glad all went well. Love the thought of a pack of tiny chihuahuas with megaphones!

  9. I agree with Jacksta .. well done on being patient with her!!

  10. It takes courage to face your fears.

  11. Lovely post. We need to find that balance with our children of walking through the fear with them rather than rescuing them from it.(unless is is a hoard of chihuashuas - in which case run for your lives those things are NASTY!) Little by little big changes occur

  12. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Brave girl :)
    I've never had a problem with daddy long legs...especially as I have heard they kill the bigger, scarier ones!
    I confronted my own little fear last night...one that is essential to get over before I begin my nursing career...

  13. so true Kristy!!! I have a needle phobia that actually has a huge impact on me, especially when I need surgery. I find it hard to take my children for injections, but try hard to hide my fear for their sake.
    My son has a crazy fear for birds and we are very gentle about going to parks or anywhere there might be birds... he seems to have relaxed a little about it.

  14. Poor wee soul! I guess we all have some fears which hold us back at times!

  15. Awww what a sweetie! Brought tears to my eyes thinking of your little girl crying softly but bravely into her mamma's chest. Bless her little heart.

  16. Aww, brave little girl. Going to the doctor is kind of scary for me too. As a kid my experiences were good, but as an adult not so good. I don't know what a white tail is, but I'm imagining something freaky! Around our house we have crickets. The black normal ones are freaky enough, but we have these monster brown ones that completely unnerve me. Eww! They are scary!!


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