26 September 2011

♥ Weekend Bliss ♥

What a totally awesome weekend!  

This weekend included celebrating the 40th birthday of my husband's best buddy Les (Jacksta's hubby) where we ate amazingly delicious food and watched the All Blacks waste France (woohoo!!).

And we also discovered that it's pretty much impossible to play any ball game with Boo around because she kept stealing the ball and running off!

Good times with family and friends.

How was your weekend?


  1. Okay yum! What is the third picture down? It looks so yummy!!! :) Have a fantastic rest of the weekend! Looks like a great start!

  2. great weekends rock ::))
    your garden looks so green and fresh and lovely . . .
    and I wish my dog was that clever LOL he wouldn't know what to do with a ball

  3. Fun fun. Can you believe we are coming up to the 40th birthday stage of life.

  4. What a fun birthday party!
    With such yummy looking food!!!

  5. It looks like a great weekend!

  6. hehe love the photo bomb :)

  7. LOL
    your geeky husband cracks me up!

    love and light

  8. Mmmm what cake did Les get?! Yum! And the green icecream looks good too!

  9. What a fun weekend!

  10. Sound like a really nice weekend! Except for the french! LOL What is your second dish? xxx


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