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By PaisleyJade - Friday, September 23, 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Like every week, this week has had it's ups and downs, including the odd disappointment, coughs and colds, husband's lost wallet and the dog spewing on our bed.  But like I say, there is always something to be thankful for.

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Fish'n chips by the water (wearing a princess dress makes it even more awesome)...

Scarecrows - just because...

Loving this fabulous idea (via Jacksta, via Dee) of having a secret journal with my oldest daughter, where we share whatever we want to with each other, then hide it under each other's pillows. LOVING it!!

Loving Poppa's measuring stick... loving seeing how tall each of our children are getting (but scary seeing that my eldest boy is nearly the same height as me!!!).

Cafe's that provide things for children to do rock!  Really appreciate when businesses think about the busy parent and their child.

Finally, loving this.  The couple on this are soooo cute and I do hope Symon and I will be like this when we grow older (although hopefully we will be a bit more computer savvy!).

Here's how you can join in....
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  1. Oh I love that secret journal idea. I'll have to do it with my oldest too. She'd love it!

  2. hahaha! Love that YouTube of the couple (especially when he's getting a little fresh!) Reminds me of several computer-"un-savvy" couples in my life.

  3. Love it. Love it all! Oh my goodness that couple are C U T E !! Listening to the titter-tatter between them and then he grabs her boobs - HILARIOUS!! Yeah I want to have that same spark and friendship in my marriage when I'm their age :) Thanks for sharing this XX

  4. what a fun idea...the secret journal!! Kinda started one of these with my hubby awhile back...need to get back into it!!

  5. Ahhhh but where's the linky???
    Here I am all ready to link up?
    Is it there but I just can't see it?
    Oh hi!!!
    LOVE that idea about the mother-daughter journal!!
    I have a special book I started writing stories in to Miss Fab when she was a bay but it kind of got abandoned after I started blogging... I think I might revive it and change its purpose... thankyou Kristy via Jacksta via Dee!

    PS If I can't link up, can you grab my post and link it up for me? Maybe I am blocked cos I'm blogging from here??

  6. Love your Scarecrow!!
    And the journal idea is awesome isnt it... must use ours!
    That video is so cute and funny... had a good giggle!

  7. Love Fish & Chips on the beach. Can you believe my hubby had never had F&C in newspaper until he met me?! Weirdo South Africans!!!

    Love that mother-daughter journal - definitely one for the future.

    I love when cafe's have kids corners. Actually that's the only way I'm even able to venture into them.

    And that old couple?! Toooooo cute! They remind me of my grandparents. Every time I go and see them my grandad pulls out a photo of my Nana as a young lady and tells me how she had so many men after her but he got her - she tells him off and rolls her eyes - they're so sweet.


  8. Oh, i thought it was just me, link please!!
    Cafes who actually understand people have children & happy distractions are a positive thing, get my vote too, love Posie

  9. Anonymous10:28 am

    Love that journal idea! Wonder if it will fly with my boys when they get older. And what could be better than fish and chips in the great outdoors?

  10. I absolutely LOVE the shared journal idea~a priceless treasure!

  11. Fantastic journal idea! I adore it! Something for me to keep in mind for when little one is older.

  12. Loving that journal idea too...I used to do it with a friend years ago!

  13. lol
    that little old couple is a crack up

    love and light

  14. Ah those seniors are adorable, I hope I'm as cute as that when I'm older!

    MMM fish n favourite takeaway!

  15. Secret journal sounds like great idea.. And I think that coffee bars in my city don't have anything for the kids, that would be so awesome.. And that old couple.. they are so cute :)

  16. Wonderful ideas and wonderful photography! A delight to visit your blog! (The secret journal is so precious. What a beautiful idea.)

  17. I'm loving that scarecrow Kristy!
    Haven't seen one made for a long time!XX

  18. I have stolen that Journal Idea, and interestingly enough, I went out to find the perfect journal, found that exact one, and bought it cos it was the perfect one!!! Can't wait to surprise my daughter with it :-)

  19. Oh dear I always seem to forget on a Friday! Loving your lovings :)

  20. Thanks for sharing the secret journal idea. I decided to do the same with my eldest son, and it has been awesome! He is loving it, and so am I. I'm not sure if it was originally only meant to be for mothers/daughters, but this mother/son team thinks it is FAB!!


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