By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 01, 2009

“The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”
Hebrews 13:6

Fear is an interesting thing... often we fear things that shouldn't be feared (like tiny spiders) and don't fear things that we should (like jumping on a sleeping dog).

Miss 2 has a fear that we have been working through... a fear of the Doctor.

Ever since Miss 2 had an injection at the Doctors when a young child, she has had a major fear of Doctors, nurses and sterile looking rooms. None of my other children have had issues like this little girl - she has a memory like an elephant!

The Doctors have been great though - they encourage me to pop in and play with the toys occasionally and then leave, just to get her used to the place. The last two visits they have just let her play with the toys, given her stamps, stickers and lollies and let her look at their medical equipment. But she still won't let them get too close!

It didn't help that she needed grommits last year and had to be held down and put to sleep for the operation.

The strange thing is that this wee darling who is afraid of the Doctor has absolutely no fear in other areas, areas that I wouldn't mind her feeling a little bit afraid sometimes!

She loves to jump off drawers and climb to the top of her brother's bunks (taking into consideration that there is no ladder there for her to climb since we removed it when she was younger).
She loves jumping on the dog and annoying the cat until she gets scratched.

Just yesterday I watched as a lovely old man with a hunchback was chatting with her in the supermarket. Most children would have been a little bit afraid, but Miss 2 loudly commented after he had walked on... "Cute man Mummy!". Almost every elderly man is referred to as "Cute man".

Oh dear.

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  1. haha laughing at the "cute man" bit! she sounds very similar to my second born. He was fearless in many areas except when it come to doctors because of the injections too. And because he is so fearless he's the one who has had the most accidents requiring medical assistance! when he had just turned 5 he split his head falling off the bed...blood everywhere and I had to literally drag him into the doctors kicking and screaming. he didn't get his 4 year old jabs until he was 7 and able to cope with them a bit better.

  2. Awwww bless. What a cutie she is herself!!

  3. She's so cute herself! It's not unusual for little ones to fear the doctor. I remember being terrified of my doctor's nurse when I was a kid. She was not only a really big and tall lady, but she's the one who gave me shots!!!

  4. Great photos!
    Yeah, those jabs are nasty! I can understand her position!

    And haha - I'm sure he was a cute man.

  5. She is super cute!

  6. The girlies are very scared of the doctor as well. We are only just breaking through on this issue. Bribery of lollies, pretend play usinf a doctors kit and lots of coersing has gone into working this one through.

  7. She's not alone- I have a huge fear of the doctor too! Just going into the building can make me sick to my stomache.

  8. What a girgeous photo Kristy! What a little honey! Did the Cute Man hear her?? I bet that would have made his day! x

  9. lol

    i had the opposite reaction

    i also was two, when i went to hospital for neurosurgery

    but have had a lifelong fascination with hospitals and doctors. perhaps i learnt that pain doens't kill you. perhaps they broke through my fear threshold...

    but fear is healthy.

    i agree, old men are [innocently] cute.


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