Remember the days of the old school yard...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's funny the things that are still going around in school... I honestly thought some of the sayings and games would be long gone.

My three oldest often come home and share a 'new' song or game or joke that they've learnt, only to be told by their 'very ancient' mother that she used to sing/play the exact same one when she was at school.

Talk about flashback to the past! Would you believe the following are still going strong?

What's the time Mr Wolf?
Heads down, thumbs up (or as it's known in Miss 5's class, "Thumbs up Thumbs down")
Rock, paper, scissors
Knuckle bones
Cootie catchers (that folded paper game where you pick a colour, then a number etc)
And my most favourite... Hand clapping games.

I've been educating Miss 5 lately on the 'proper' words for some of the hand clapping games - like "Under the Bam Bushes" rather than "Under the Bambie Bushes" and "Say Say", thinking I'm the pro who knows the correct words to them all, only to be horrified tonight (after using trusty google to check out some lyrics) that I myself have been singing the wrong lyrics to them both all of my life!

Oh the horror and shame!

By the way, if you never did any of the things listed above, you had a totally deprived childhood! ;)

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  1. What time is it Mr wolf? Wow that takes me back, that was one of my fave's along with red rover ha :)

    I definitely had a deprived childhood :)

  2. i remember all elastics and 4 square, and knuckle bones were big fads at my school.

    unfortunately according to my boys...armpit farts are still going strong too

    Cute pic :)

  3. I loved those clapping/hand games. I remember doing them as far back as age 6. I think they do them at my kids school as well - and elastics! I loved that! Me and my sister used to try and play at home too, with the elastic stretched over a chair becuause our other sister was too little and wouldn't stand still. We used mum's old pantyhose knotted together! Love those old games.


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