Flashback Fursday

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, September 03, 2009

Well... I couldn't wait until "Flashback Friday" so I decided to make today "Flashback Fursday".

I have been sorting through and scanning lots of old photos of my brother to make a photo book for a few family members. The memories have been flooding back, and there have been heaps of laughs... especially at photo's of my parents style in the height of 70's fashion!

Here are my beautiful folks when they were young (early 20's) with my brother... it was his first Guy Fawkes.

I love my Dad's hair (either it was bed hair or the latest fashion?).

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  1. LOL! They are great photos!! I can definitely see a resemblance of you and your mum in that last pic...(what i have seen of you in blogland that is lol)

  2. Wow you so look like your mum in that last pic!

  3. great photos! ...& thanks for your comment on my blog!



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