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By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 30, 2013

At the end of each year I love to look back at what has happened, what has been created, the adventures we've been on and the memories that have been made.  It's amazing how you can forget the good stuff - being thankful is so important!

Here's a quick look back at some of my favourite moments and creations of 2013...

Meeting up with awesome bloggy buddies!

This year was filled with various blogger meet ups, but the highlight would have to be getting to travel to Christchurch, for the first ever New Zealand Blogger Conference - heaps of fun (plus my first time travelling to the South Island and going on an internal flight - yep, embarrassed much).

Blogging has opened up a door to some amazing friendships all over the country (and world).  So thankful for this strange technological phenomenon called blogging!

Travelling to Australia

Another awesome adventure in 2013 was heading over to Brisbane, Australia with Symon to stay with his brother, wife and son.  We had so much fun, and on top of visiting family and going to an awesome conference, I also got to catch up with one of my besties Anya, as well as Wezza and Leonie! When these girls get together, there is always fun!

I wouldn't have said 2013 was a very creative year compared to past years, but looking back there have been some fun things made!

Here are some of my favourites!  Click on the images to visit each blog post...

Pink & Grey Granny Square Blanket
Plaid Softie

Cloth Napkins
Floral Softie

Deer Blanket Cushion

Ripple Blanket

Blanket Bunny
Space Invader Cushion


I've loved the different road trips our family has been on this year.  Sometimes I forget about the beautiful country we live in and some of the amazing trips that are just an hour or so away.

Wherever we travel, we seem to be a bit of a sideshow, like the time we visited our local Museum.  I loved visiting Little & Friday (cause I'm a café loving girl!), and for some strange reason, we've visited Dargaville twice this year!

Despite have not much of a kitchen to work in this past year, there have been a few delicious things whipped up in my kitchen.  Here are a few of my favourites (click on the image to visit the blogpost)...
Coconut Iced Chocolate Slice
Favourite Coconut Loaf

There have been moments of reflection here in this space during the year - reflection about Parenting (and staying sane), Tips for Fighting off the Winter Blues, How to Mine for Gold (figuratively speaking!), and the fact that you make the very best you!


There have been 3 renovations in 2013!  Massive thanks to my hubby who does most of the work while also being a fabulous Dad to his four kids, awesome husband and hold down a full time job being my most favourite Pastor ever.

Click on the photos below for more!
Kitchen renovation!
Sleepout renovation for our big boy
Son's bedroom makeover

But wait, there's more...

There has been so much other good stuff that has happened in 2013 - thing's like organising a special little surprise for my Mum's 60th, preaching my first proper Sunday morning sermon at our church, celebrating each of my children's birthdays (see Special Celebrations), getting a little spot in a British crochet magazine, plus so much more.  

A massive part of my life that doesn't appear in this space too often is my church (and our role as the Senior Pastors).  I love this place so much, and am excited to be able to be more involved next year in helping out. My faith in Jesus is a massive part of who I am and how I live and breath - cause without Him I'd have no hope.  So thankful for God's love that is available for everyone who is willing to receive it.

I'm looking forward to a fresh new year, filled with more precious memories to be made, crafty makings and bakings to be created and many adventures to be had.

I hope you have had a great 2013!!


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  1. What a big year! Happy New Year to you all :)

  2. What a great year. Hope 2014 is just as awesome for you!


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