Favourite Coconut Loaf

By PaisleyJade - Friday, November 08, 2013

I'm going through a loaf baking stage at the moment after last week's Banana Loaf, and this delicious Coconut Loaf!
I have made (and listed here) another Coconut Loaf before by Alison Holst, but I just had to share this recipe too as it has only a few simple ingredients, and is so yum!

1¼ cups Coconut soaked in 1 cup Milk for 1 hour
1 cup Sugar
½ cup Sultanas (optional - I didn't use them!)
Pinch Salt
1¼ cups Self-Raising Flour

Add sugar, salt and sultanas (if using) to coconut mixture.  Lastly add flour.  Grease a loaf tin and place a piece of foil in the bottom.  Add mixture and bake for 1 hour.  Keeps well.

Simple - and so good!!

For more delicious recipes visit here.
*Source EBR Rally Cook Book

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  1. Yum I think I will have to try this one - I'm in the mood to bake. Or rather in the mood for eating baked goods.

  2. just out of interest does this bake well even though there are no eggs?

  3. love your baking girl! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Yum yum yum! I made this last night, and it was so easy and delicious. Gotta love a recipe where all of the ingredients are already in the pantry. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Oh yum! Looks great x


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