Tips For Fighting Off The Winter Blues

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's the middle of winter here in New Zealand, and we've had our fair share of frosty mornings and long wet days. 

We've found that the key to beating the winter blues is to keep warm and cosy when the weather is miserable, and make the most of any sunny days by getting out and about and soaking up the sun when you can, and appreciating God's awesome creation!

Here's a few photos of our recent adventures...

A family trip to one of our local Northland Beaches called Ngunguru - a beautiful crisp sunny day.  I love where we live!  There is nothing like getting a bit of fresh air, Vitimin D and also taking some time out to hang with the people you love.

Another great thing to help fight off the winter blues is spending time with special friends.  

Recently we had the privilege of catching up with the awesome Miriam (from Create Hope Inspire) as she and her family passed through our city to check out our beautiful backyard (Northland). Miriam is so much fun. Check out more details of our night over at Jacksta's blog here.

We also made sure we caught up with Leonie (Kiwi at Heart) while she was up in our neck of the woods. These girls are fabulous to hang with - never a dull moment and always lots to talk and laugh about (oh, and delicious food too)...

p.s. If you live in Whangarei and are into Scrapbooking, you just have to visit Tracy's store (The Scrap Heap).  She has a tonne of awesome stuff!

Other things to help beat the winter blues include random acts of silliness, 

Checking out your local parks and shops...

Taking up a new (or old) hobby/project or pulling out the board games...

And don't forget to get plenty of rest... 

Yup, #husbandnaps is alive and well on instagram!

And if all else fails, remember to Keep Calm and Carry On...

Happy Winter to all you Southern Hemisphereians!

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  1. great post Kristy but I have a couple of problems....
    a) the beach? is it a different temperature. up north than it is here? if not, are you MAD? :p I wish I could be bothered with all the hassle of wrapping all of my children's limbs up warmly!
    b) did you call Whangarei a CITY?
    haha lol that's enough of me being rude now... xx

  2. I remember swimming over to the "island" at Ngunguru when I was 13. Tide turned and it was a battle to get back. Having lived in Whangarei for 15 years, I loved the beaches - particularly miss Whale bay and Matapouri. Nothing to really compare down here.

  3. Ha ha great collection of photos. Having just returned home from our 'summer break' up north I'm thinking there's plenty of reasons to be at the beach in winter if you live up your way! :o) currently raining with the fire on down here

  4. That first picture is SO awesome! You need it framed and on the wall!
    Love your winter blue fighting ideas!
    and Loved catching up today

  5. hehe cute pics .. funny because my friend posted pics of her kids in that very same boat today - you must both have a good eye for great shots :-) xo

  6. Ellymay10:57 pm

    What a neat blog Kristy, many happy memories made, luv U guys x x x

  7. Anonymous5:46 am

    Thanks for sharing, I love to get a peak into other parts of the world... Here in my neck of the woods it is finally summer... I am fully enjoying our sunshine... finally!

  8. thanks for the plug!!!
    Great tips we really don't get out in the fresh air enough in the winter!!

  9. Yay Ash is famous! He made it on to your blog. Xx

  10. Yay great tips for staying warm....funny how I suddenly recognized some of your backyard is a beautiful part of the world and you are so lucky to have so many bloggy friends close by. xxx


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