Blanket Cushions!!

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, July 07, 2013

I am loving recycling woollen blankets into retro cushions.  Here are my latest two - another Space Invader Cushion and a Duck Cushion.

I'm using felt at the moment for my images, but I'm not sure how hard wearing it will be.  Anyone else have any suggestions?


I also haven't faced my fear of zips, so these cushions are hand sewn closed.  I'd love to make these to give away as gifts or sell, but first must face my zipper fear!  Watch this space (aka - help Mum!!).

There is something special about taking an unused, unloved or discarded item and recycling it into something fresh and new.  

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  1. They are great. Have you thought of doing an envelope closing on the back if you don't want to do a zipper? I recently made a blanket cushion and found it much easier than a zip and used the blanket stitched edge of the old blanket as detail. I bought some merino wool felt from Etsy which lasts well and doesn't pill. If you use good quality felt it should last. Looking forward to see your next ones. Cx

  2. no tips on zippers from me sorry. Haven't done one since form 1, when we made a pencil case!

  3. Yep, the same as above... try making the covers like pillow cases. Super easy.

    They're very cool pillows! I really enjoy making new stuff out of old too. :)

  4. I was going to say envelope backs too, Deb from Works in progress has just done a tutorial! I love the duck one, very cool

  5. My fave is the space invader, super cute!

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    These are VERY cool! I collect men's (and sometimes women's) shirts from the 50c rack at op shops and cut a square from the front (ie with the buttons down the middle) to use as cushion backs. Linen shirts are especially good as there are plenty around (thank you, 1990s) and the fabric is great. Your blanket ones would look good with a square of brushed cotton from a workshirt at the back. People might be reading this and thinking it would look a bit huckery because they won't match. You would be surprised how many times people say 'oooh, love the fabric you've used on the back!'. (Sue :) )

  7. Your pillows look so soft and cozy, plus I like their generous size!


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