By PaisleyJade - Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lately I've been...

Making: Working on three main projects at the moment!  Loving my Ripple Blanket (awesome pattern on Pip's blog Meet Me at Mikes), a giant granny square blanket and still have to finish my deer blanket cushion!

Reading: A tonne of books - mainly autobiographies.  I need to stop reading bits of many books and just commit to one at a time I think!  

Listening to: Absolutely love this song at the moment, and also love the latest album by Citizens (especially this song).

Eating: Whittakers new L&P chocolate.  Most people in our family think it's pretty good.

Drinking: Love drinking from these mugs - when I saw the Mr moustache one I just had to get the pair.

Enjoying: The school holidays - loving my crazy family and the shenanigans we get up to.

What have you been doing/enjoying lately?

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  1. that ripple blanket is awesome/ I tried to crochet one from a pattern but it was a flop... am sticking to granny square for now :)

  2. ooh yay, I was just thinking today I'd like to learn how to do a ripple blankie - they're so pretty - esp in rainbow colours! Heaven is for Real is a pretty amazing read! Very easy to get through and really touching!

  3. im such a biography geek too. So many I need to read. Love reading how people do life.


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